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PaxLair starts Monthly Roll Calls - open to everyone

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OFFICIAL NOTICE - June 24, 2007


Governor Winfield created a monthly Roll Call for all PaxLair Statehood (and cities) citizens, friends, enemies, and visitors. The Roll Call will help everyone know who is active in PaxLair, who is interested, what people are doing, and allow citizens and visitors to tell a bit about themselves.


The Roll Call is open for reply by anyone and everyone on Chesapeake and throughout the Realm-at-large. A new Roll Call will be created for each month of the year.


The link for the current Roll Call will be on the upper right area of the PaxLair Skypage (http://www.paxlair.com). For July 2007, the Roll Call is here.

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We've had a great turnout so far for the July 2007 PaxLair Roll Call (12 replies already). I remind everyone on Chesapeake that they can sign the Roll Call, tell us a little about themselves, and have no obligations to PaxLair whatsoever. It's all about getting to know each other.


We look forward to meeting all the peoples of Chesapeake.



Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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Our Monthly Roll Call is going pretty strong. Many people have posted and I hope more are on their way. The Roll Call is open to everyone of course.


Remember that you may edit your reply with more information. I just edited mine there with my interest to help design a Festival of Races starting in July and continuing into August and perhaps September.


It would be splendid if people can edit their reply in the Roll Call, and more people reply, to show where they "live" in the Realm, what events they regularly hold (like auctions, adventures, and meetings) for the month of July, and their interests.


The Roll Call thread can become a very useful resource month-by-month for us to plan and reach our friends in the Realm.


Have fun with the Roll Call thread and see how useful it can become.



Winfield, Governor of PaxLair

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