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i need price checks on all minor artifacts....

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i mean ilishinar minor arties.

also, honey's website doesn't give much info on all of the prices such as heart of the lion (which wasn't on the list) or shield of invincibility (also wasn't on the list)

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On Cats, the only Para Arties that have any value are those 2 and Violet Courage and the Alchemists Bauble.


Heart of the Lion--200-300k

Shield of Invulnerability--200-300k

Violet Courage--100-200k

Alchemists Bauble--a stunning 250k and up, IF you find a vendor selling one!


Al the rest usually hang around 5k each on vendors outside of Luna. Some up to 50k if the vendors owner determines that they are more useful than what they are...

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I should start selling those arties. I remember Wrath of the Dryad used to be useful, the first couple I got I put on vendors for 20k...


I R A Merchant Noob.

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