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Goods in LS for sale (Magery120,Eval120,Artifacts,Hair Dyes..lots more)

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Hey peeps,


Friend n I brought some goods to LS to sell, will sell out before returning to home shard, so here they are:


Hat of the Magi(blessed,Dyed Black) - 25m OBO SOLD

*Magery120 PS - 20m SOLD

*Evalint120 PS - 12m OBO

*Meditation120 PS - 3m SOLD

(*Buy both: Eval+Med for just 13m!)

Pure White Hair Dye - 5m OBO

Golden Hair Dye - 5m OBO

Blaze Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD

Ice Blue Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD

Budha Scupture (rarity 9) - 3m Each, 5m for a Pair! (south&East side)

Saddle (rarity 9) - 4.5m

Skinned Deer (rarity 8) - 1m

Flowers (rarity 7) - 800k each, 1.5m for a Pair!

Normal Scrapper's Compendium 400k


Also selling for Cash: Name Change Tokens for US$15 each to any shard of choice.


PMs Accepted or

MSN: TheChocolitShoppe@hotmail.com

ICQ: 224-810-632

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A few prices lowered and More stocks:


Sword Display (artifact rarity 9) - 4m EACH! 7m for a PAIR (South & East sides)


Sword Display (artifact rarity 8) - 2m EACH! 3m for a PAIR (South & East sides)


Leather Tunic (artifact rarity 9) - 4m


Lamp Post (artifact rarity 3) dyed Black! - 500k OBO


P.S: All Prices ARE Negotiable! Currently willing to trade for Inquisitor's Resolutions or Looking to Buy!

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