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New Player Looking for Guild

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Been back in UO for about two weeks now.

After a little power leveling I'm ready to join a guild.


Any good guilds looking for a new member? I'm a tamer/peacemaker at the moment.

Still working on getting my peacemaking high enough to tame on my own, so if any other experienced tamers would be willing to help out a newbie it'd be much appreciated.


Got some work to do on my taming still as well. But with jewelry I am up to 96 taming and 95 lore.

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Guest Masteryoda

Hey Bro,



I activated your account, if you look me up via ICQ ( I am Biller) I can meet ya tonight and get ya set up with the guild. Atlas I need to hook up with you also :) I will be around most of the day (Friday) to set you up.


We do the activate thing becasue we dont want everyone to know when we plan hunts and mostly when we plan Spawns. Q me and ill set ya up. U will enjoy the guild we got lots of great ppl as you can see :)

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