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Hi :)


Well, you used to join by standing next to the guildmaster and saying: [npc name] join


And then you'd hand the NPC 500 gold.


Two problems with that:


a) often they'd take your gold as a gift instead of as letting you join their guild


B) it doesn't do anything.


Other than the thieves' guild, the other guilds even if you get in them don't give you discounts on goods or anything like that.




p.s. to give you more detail on thieves' guild: If your char is at least 40 in-game hours old and has 60 or more stealing skill (items count), then you can join the thieves guild and from then on have the ability to steal from players in felucca and can buy a disguise kit and use disguise kit.


The drawbacks of being in thieves guild are:


a) you can't give counts out for being killed


B) you are freely lootable when you die (even in trammel)


c) the disguise kit kinda sucks since it wipes out your macros and lasts 2 whole hours and can't be cancelled--though can be started over

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