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Archer PVP against warrios/archers

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Hey guys!!


Im new in this forum and i come to ask some help! :)


Also, im newbie in this pvp field, so... i have got some questions...


Actually i need a archery template to fight against archers and warriors, no one mage exist in the moment.


I think this template with 700 skill cap is good:


120 archery

120 anatomy

120 tactics

120 ninjutsu

90 healing

70 bushido

60 chival


and... str 90, dex 110, int 25 with 225 stats cap.


The reason for bushido in this template is... i want 300 points of special moves (Special Moves - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia) to win -10 mana cost in my abilities. It's 120 archery + 120 ninjutsu + 70 bushido = 310.

Also, with 70 bushido i can cast Lightining strike (min skill 50) without fails.


So.... do u think it's a good template? i wanna a resistant archer, who can transform myself in wolf to run when the enemy dismount me... 4/6 fc/fcr for chival spells and lightning strike from bushido to attack between primary/secundary weapon abilities.


Regards friends!! :)

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