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3rd and 4th Floor Castle Decorating Contest

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With the introduction of custom tiles for castles and keeps and the ability to create third and fourth floors on castles and keeps, we bring to you a contest where you can design your own floor(s) for entry into this contest.
This contest, sponsored by Lord Nabin, is just for the floors that can be added above a castle plot, giving you complete free reign. You can chose to enter either floor three or floor four or both floors and max out your entries.
Rules for the contest is as follows:
  1. This contest is for castle owners who have created a third or fourth custom floor for their castle. This gives them an open 31×31 area to play with.
  2. You must own the castle you are entering into the contest.
  3. You may have up to, but not exceeding 2 entries into the contest. This can be the third and fourth floor from the same castle or one floor each from two castles. Up to you.
  4. Submissions must be located on an official Ultima Online servers; free shards are not eligible for any of these contests.
  5. Submit screenshot(s) of your floors via one of the following methods:
    A. Post to the threads for this contest on Stratics Home and Gardens, UO Forums Home and Castles forums, or UOGuide’s forums.
    B. Email to submissions@uohomedecor.com with the subject Castle Customization Contest
    C. ICQ me to take screenshots of your submission.
  6. With your submission you must include shard, location of castle and owner name.
Prizes will be distributed based on the number of winners as follows:
5 entries
75 mil 1st
50 mil 2nd
25 mil 3rd
10 entries
150 mil 1st
100 mil 2nd
50 mil 3rd
15 entries +
500 mil first
350 mil 2nd
150 mil 3rd
Note: You cannot hire me to raise the floors for you on this contest.
Contest ends June 12, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST. That means you have a month to get it done.
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It ended 2 days ago and yes, as soon as i check everywhere, save them and upload them I'll have them available to view


Things got nightmare-ish RL the last three weeks and thsi will probably be the last contest for a while until things....well they won't get better it will just change. If anyone wants to know what's going on, feel free to PM me.

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