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Abc Archer, could someone explain it to me ?

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hello all,


I am looking every where to get info on these but, it seem like it is contradictory from one post to another.


So far, the template I use is 










Well, I dont even know what should I aim for skill lvl. And stats, how much Dex, Str, Int... 


why archery And swords ? 


How do you play them, I mean, I just found out somewhere that I should honor everything and then spam Lightning strike... 


could someone make a small essay/guide on recent template for ABC archer and how to play them please please please XD 

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Archery, Bushido and Chivalry (ABC).  It would help if you get a weapon with mana leach so you can continue to spam lightling strike.  I am trying to figure out to beat Greater Dragons at the moment, but anything less you should be able to take.  Make use of slayer weapons when possible..


I would get powerscrolls where you think it is best, I did archery, bushido, tactics and anatomy. 


Hope that helps

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I'm working on my ABC archi right now too. Try This guide, a bit old but i think is still good. For what i understood its like a sampire with a bow. I think sword is not needed at all by the way...




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I tend to agree with Megadigo on this. In talking to some of the Sampire archers I have ran across it is the way to go these days. With the bows you can get now there is enough LL from samp form to be effective. Most seem to go with the comp bow for the AI and spam that instead of LS. I know on my normal Sampire I very seldom use LS.


When it comes to stats... pack on as much dex as you can.


When it comes to the swords being on the temp most people have that on there for spawns. Using whirlwind comes in very handy to advance the spawn quickly. The build I am looking at is the temp you have listed but instead of healing I will be using Necro.


The only other part I would disagree with in the link is the Med/Focus.. with the way suits are now you can build in plenty of regens, and that is in addition to the leeches you will be getting from the high damage hits if geared right.

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