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I am very curious about those mechanical pets that came with Stygian Abyss. I am not curently subscribing but depending on how they work and perform, i would feel like trying the game again.


My dilemma is: I can not find enought information about them! Stratics, Uoguide, lots of forums... not enought info on them. Logging to test center and actually finding things out is not an option because I would need to upgrade to SA and subscribe for at least one month, and that is too much just to find out how they work. I would return to the game to try them out, but only if I knew more about them first.





I know that:

-there are 4 mechanical pets (the "classic" ML golem and the 3 new SA pets, the leather wolf, the vollem and the clockwork scorpion), all crafted by tinkers

-none of the mechanical pets can be healed with bandages nor magery and chivalry spells

-They all can be repaired/healed with tinkering tools, and each repair has a timer/cooldown of about 12 seconds and consumes 12 ingots

-when a golem (only the standard ML golem) takes damage, the owner looses mana and when the mana is over he starts loosing HPs instead

-they do not bond

-there is one exception that bonds, the "living" version of the vollem, one spawned from a crystal, the "vollem held in a crystal" that is sold for about 5 dollars

-standard golems have a stunning/paralyzing attack, scorpions cause level 3 poison and wolves cause bleeding (and have pack instinct)

-vollems are supposed to be equal in stats to a tamable nightmare (rumor)


What I do NOT know and am dying to:

-Is there ANY way AT ALL to heal them aside repairing with tinkering tools? To be more speciffic, does CLEANSING WINDS from mysticism work? and Gift of renewal?

-aside from bonding, is the volem held in a crystal (the "living" one that bonds) any different from the mechanical crafted one? I mean, if it bonds and is supposed to be living, can it be healed/repaired with tinkering tools? and if it is different, can be healed like all regular pets?



Is anyone familiarized with mechanical pets and cares to tell? That would be quite a thing, one could be the first to give complete information about them. It has been years since SA and surprisingly there is so little about these crafted pets out there on the web, only "i heard this" "someone told me that" "I read somewhere...". Anyone to say for sure how they work, by own experience?



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You can heal those things with the Mysticism and Spellweaving heal spells.  Or at least you could last time I played a few yearsish ago.  


I don't have enough tinkering to craft one to test it anymore.


They aren't the most powerful things around, but they are pretty cool/useful for non-OP hunting.   I liked the wolf the most when I messed with them.




I can't say for certain about the living Vollem.   I am pretty sure I recall being able to heal that thing with regular Magery because it's not a clockwork one. 


I had a living vollem from the SA preorder, but it's apparently gone from my stables/characters, so I can't test that either.  :-/

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes, that is just the info I was looking for   :)


HOWEVER... I wonder if it is still updated. Do you remember when did you last check that? I mean, the year. For instance, I have been doing some more browsing and came across this topic from 2010: http://stratics.com/threads/ruining-golem-training.230950/  . Here they say how gift of renewal and clensing winds stopped working on the golem. The question is: was it a bug that got fixed afterwards or was it an intended change that remains?


And worth mentioning, they talk specifficaly about the GOLEM, the standard one with 99% poison resist, because people use them for training. If it was an intended change instead of some bug caused by other expansion content later to ML, was it aimed only at the golem because of the training that people used him to, or was it meant to ALL mech pets?


Do you remember if your experience with mech pets is prior or later to that 2010 post? I browsed all patch notes of the time but did not find anything useful.


A very recent page at the official game site http://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/skills/tinkering/mechanical-pets/ says that GoR and Clensing still works on mech pets. It is the official Broadsword's website, so you expect it to have updated info, but then again it is a shameless copy-paste of the WAAAAY older stratics page tinker-crafted pets   http://uo2.stratics.com/miscellaneous/mechanical-pets/


In any case, thanks very much for the info ;)

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Mechanical pets are very little used, the delay on being able to repair them means they die far too easily. However vollem from crystal is a very different thing. They are 'live' and so can be healed as any other pet, they do have the same stats as a nightmare, but without the taming requirement.

As to why the wiki page is the same as the stratics page:

The Stratics page was written by me

when I quit stratics in October 2014 someone there made all the pages I'd written invisible by hiding the index widget.

I created 'Petra's pages' and put all the information I had written, plus some newer stuff, on them (there's a couple of threads about Petra's pages here)

When UO created the player wiki I was given the chance to have my pages transfered to it. I accepted that opportunity and asked my host to close my pages.

Access to the pages I made for Stratics has since been restored.

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