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Where did everyone go...?

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I can't speak for GL, but on Pacific there really isn't as much bank sitting these days as in days past.  These days, everyone is out running their errands, hunting, or crafting/house cleaning in their homes.  All the shard regulars hop into the General Channel on Global Chat and that's really where you find the community now.  That's where you get the invites to the various hunts that are going on.

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Oh.  I guess I need to readjust my gameplay  alertness.   I'm used to bank sitting/watching the overhead text.


This chat-thing is new.  


Maybe I am not subscribed/entered into it?   I never see any text on screen besides someone spamming UO Codes.



Yeah, you are in the Help Channel of Global Chat.  Trial accounts are restricted to help channel for that specific reason, to stop spammers from pestering the general populace.  :(  If you are subscribed, however, you can switch to General Chat.  I believe you are using the enhanced client?  I forget how to switch using enhanced as I still use classic myself.  When my alliance mates wake, I'll go ask them.

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