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Just started again, and looking for help bulding Archer

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been back in UO and looking for some guidance on building an archer charecter. IM looking to do both PvP and PvM but i always tend to side more on the PVP side (even if there are only 5 people on the server at any given time.) SO im curious, i was looking at building a straight archer with no Magic/Bushido or Chiv, is that even doable? Or woul di be severely under powered. From what ive read archery can be quite hard to hit with and is relatively slow in shooting.


Was leaning towards soemthing of this nature:





magic Resist

Detect Hidden

Detect trap


I think detect trap may be useless now that factio nwar is gone so maybe replace with hiding or sneaking? I dont know, just looking for little guidance. Im also playing on SP so im sure that comes with additional challenges as well, makes me think Hiding/sneak or whatever from ninjitsu could be beneficial.

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I'm far from an expert when it comes to builds, but I'll give my opinion on Hiding/Stealth/Ninjitsu, since I have that in my build. I like the hide/stealth combo (Hiding 100, Stealth 80 - reason for 80 is because it only does a stealth check after 16 steps and gives me more points to put into other skills). It has come in handy. While walking around collecting wool to make bandages, Had a red come on screen (ok, 90%+ of the people on SP are red), but I hid and stealthed away while they were frantically running around trying to find me. It was kinda funny to watch.


As for Ninjitsu, @ 70, you can increase your speed like you are on a mount. I wasn't happy with it just at 70, fizzled a bunch, so I'm working mine to probably 90 or so.


That's my opinion on those skills. Are they good for PvP? Not sure. I got the rest of my skills tied up into Taming, so I'm terrible at PvP.  


Hope that helps a little.


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I am having very good luck with a Necro/Archer..


100 Necro

100 Spririt Speak

120 Archery

100 Anatomy(trying to find a 120)

110 Tactics(trying to find a 120)

100 Healing

75 Chiv(locked)




Here is the basic premise. This is a PVM template.  Necro is there for Vampiric Embrace and the Hit Point Leach plus for certain things casting corpse skin works great. Chiv is there for Enemy of One and consecrate weapon/Divine Fury. Spirit Speak is going to be used for main healing, but I cannot let go of my Healing security blanket yet.. Eventually Healing will be replaced with 120's and topping off Chiv to 120...


I stand toe to toe with Miasma right now without having to flee.. Basically the same premise as a Sampire.. Do as much damage as possible to regen hit points, while not getting hit with 45DCI and hitting as much as possible with 45HCI.. Cast Divine Fury to increase SSI, along with as much SSI from bracelet,ring, and weapon.. Same goes for Damage Increase which I try and keep over 100...


When hitting Miasma with all buff in place(and I haven't even started down the Chugging Potions route yet for even more extras) I can hit for about 140 on the high end and 115 on the low..I am going to be re-doing all my bows to include BALANCE on all of them to aid in potion intake. I can take  down Miasma in less than 45 seconds.. Not as impressive as a full out sampire, but having the standoff ability of an archer is great for doing things like Greater Dragons. I cannot stand toe to toe with a GD yet, the fire breath/physical hit combo is just to much for me to regen back in damage. .. One miss and I am dead.. I assume this would be the case for several of the hardest hitting monsters it the game... But then again, I am an archer and with a fast mount I can take down a Greater Dragon with this template in about 1 minute while doing my archer dance :)


My hope is to make this template the same as a Sampire.. I think with 120's in the right place it is doable...


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Robert, I like it. What would you think about dropping Healing for Spellweaving to get access to the Mana Shield/Reaper on an Archer? Been contemplating this template myself a bit. Harder dispels from the mastery makes your pixies/imps/nature's furies more appealing. As well as additional heals/shields/stuff. Reaper takes 5 spots, so I was thinking of just using wraith form/curse weapons more than vampire...but that might be stretching it.


Are you using any mastery with your current setup? If so, what do you think about it?

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