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Greetings old friends. I have noticed that there is not much left of Grd and so i have had trouble finding one of them to put my question to. I want to know if other groups/guilds can use the Avatar faith or is it something Grd own the copyright to and don't wish others to use? I've noticed in my searching stratics that some guilds from other shards use Avatarianism or very similar forms of it. Would i be correct in thinking that because its based on characters from the Ultima series this means that Grd cannot copyright the Avatarian faith?

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The followers of all false gods have departed to wallow in the misery that their existence was indeed all for nothing. There is only one god, the Queen of Spiders, the almighty and divine Lloth - even the once heretic Lann'Al accepts this now. Then again maybe not, Lloth is also known as the Queen of Lies.

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Answers so far from the various lingering people:

Phil Lynx:
"Anyone can use it.. I'd have encouraged it. And of course to have the avatar, you must have the guardian.. which a few guilds used"

"Grd dosnt hold any copyright to it . Its free to use but nobody will ever do it as good as us"

"As one the last acting preceptors i say.. Sure, go on."

He also adds:
"Willem Koenig told me its loosely based around catholism, with a twist of UO lore to it. We often used catholic hymn and prayer sites to find ispiration for our own stuff."

Demarian Tel'var:
"Been used freely by many guilds besides isn't just part of Ultima life anyway?"

So in summary I think it's allright (and almost encouraged) if you do feel like doing anything with the "Avartarianism" lore. =) At least from the few still active previous Grd members.

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