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Crowfall - New kickstarter raises 600k of 800k in 2 days.

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Looks... interesting.  Kind of disingenuous to list Gordon Walton's primary cv reference as UO considering the last thing he worked on was Third Dawn back in 2001.


At this point, I'm actually getting very leery of any project with ex-UO/Ultima people involved.  They've either all flopped, or are being dragged out as long as humanly possible.  So this is a wait and see for me.

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It seems like a decent concept though implementation of it will be tough.

How long will a 'season' be, how will they make it that content stays interesting, will there be extra 'events'?

Lots of games promised the world and delivered vapour.


I still think the shards-online concept is superior, but with good implementation crowfall could attract more players that shards may.


Good luck!


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