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Warrior Guild and Trading in Trinsic

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*the town crier in Trinsic steps up to read a proclamation to the gathering citizens*


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!


A trade deal has been arranged with the warrior’s guild of Trinsic. All citizens are invited to benefit from this arrangement and thus to increase their ability to strike their foes in combat. His Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic, wishes to remind all citizens on this occasion that these are troubled times and that the strength and prowess of every citizen will be required to keep our beloved city safe and prosperous.


Furthermore, the Lady Governor wishes to make known that henceforth the title ‘Supporter of Trinsic’ will be bestowed on those that make a donation of significant value towards the City treasury. The title ‘Trade Envoy of Trinsic’ will be available to those that actively seek to support the economy of Trinsic and assist in the raising of funds for the treasury. At a future time, those that distinguish themselves within this domain may be appointed ‘Trade Minister of Trinsic’, to be chosen by his Grace the Duke or the Lady Governor.


In order to make a donation and to secure one of the proffered titles contact Governor Aryala in person or by letter.


*The town crier proceeds to nail the proclamation to a nearby message board for the citizens to read and to display the seals and signatures of the Duke and the governor.*


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