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Employment/Vendor/Barkeep Contract

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What is the difference between the Vendor Rental Contract -- Contract of Employment -- Barkeep Contracts?  The Innkeeper NPC locally sells all three.  


Additionally the Banker NPC sells a "Commodity Deed"...what is that used for?


Thank you for your time and assistance.

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A vendor rental contract allows you to place a vendor to rent to someone else.


A contract of employment is what you use to place a player run vendor to sell items yourself.  Player vendors do cost funds to upkeep, so make sure you have plenty of gold on the vendor.  You can add gold ot any vendor by droping gold on it, or getting a guild mate/friend to buy an item off the vendor to get money on it.


A Barkeep Contract places a barkeep in the house and allows you to sell alcohol via the barkeep.  You are limited to two barkeeps as I recall.  And you make no money from them.

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