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I think it would be cool if they created another title of gorvernment where you can control all of tramel, felucia, malas, etc? Maybe storm the castle in Britian and become the new king? That would be kick ass and maybe awaken the game abit where you can control the govenors more, and make sure you get your tax rates? Maybe impose income tax on anything thats hunted with in the facet? I think that would be cool... UO needs some new changes that the players can do more than just be a vendor.

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I would be down for something different but too many *inappropriate content* left in the game. *More inappropriate content*. I like the lines of thinking though.


Guido, if you'd like to edit my posts don't wave the mod "e-peen" around.  You're more than welcome to your opinions but if you don't like mine, just delete the post.

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I am a bit miffed that Luna and Umbra were not included in the Governorship System. Malas has no real "monarch" that I am aware of, so it would be easy for the King to lay claims to that territory, or at least it would prove for a great story arc. I wouldn't want to just have anyone be "King"; I strongly disapprove of that. And Felucca has its own system, that personally I would like to see completely revamped. My vote is for Malas to be added to the Kingdom of Britannia and thus be allowed to have representing governors.


~ Sue.

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