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Brand New to Ultima!!

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First and foremost, let it be known that the player base is scattered throughout the various Ultima lands. The majority of UO players are centered around their homes, then they head off to whatever adventures they have planned for the day. Now I'm assuming you are on a trial account. One of the downsides of trial accounts is you are stuck in help chat. The majority of regular UO players are in general chat which you can only access once you subscribe. It really helps you know what's going on in the shard by being in general chat. It also helps if you are in an active guild/alliance. Guild/Alliance chat are great for knowing what's going on. Without access to the chat features, however, my suggestion is to head to Luna - Malas. That is where players congregate these days. Also, check the town criers for EM Events. These are usually popular gatherings for the shard populations. Finally, if you do decide to visit other shards and visit Pacific, let me know. I'll do what I can to show you around.

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Thank you very much, I will be sure to check out those areas of UO as i get further into the game. Is Pacific pretty populated, and is there rooms for housing still available?


Yeah, there's lots of room for housing, like there is on just about any shard except Atlantic. Atlantic is the most populated server and so they suffer the housing crunch.

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Also how do i get out of a trial account for ultima online?


Go to UO.com and click the Account & Support option in the navigator above the site. Choose the create/manage option which will pull up a new page where you have to login to your EA master account. Once logged in you should see your UO accounts or if they are older accounts you might have to select them via the current account pull down menu. There should be a subscribe button by the account information. You click that to fill in the info and fully subscribe.

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