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Hello, I recently found UO, been putting it off until my recent game "Tibia" decides to mass disconnect all the time and leave me dieing wasting tons of money and losing armor for no reason (I don't mind losing stuff , due to my own hiccups or better players).


I have played Darkfall Online, that game is horrible, I love full loot pvp though




I am patching and then I think going to Atlantic? Or is there a better server? I am active when it comes to games, and games like these you need people to play with, I hate running around solo because I will end up quitting in a week.


Looking for newbie friendly people ^^


My name on Atlantic is "GSXR" :)

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Atlantic is the most populated shard and will be the best bet to get started. Other shards are good too, but not as populated.


Feel free to post here if you have questions.


Other sites that will be useful to you are:


UO Stratics *New*


Ultima Online Gameplay Guide - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia



Stratics has forums that are a good source also.


Enjoy the game.

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as a tibia player myself since 2002, (Nova - Dupavoxe) i found the Siege Perilous fitted my play style better than any other shard as you can be killed anywhere, (also recent changes mean you can have a home in siege and also another shard which helps, it has also made siege alot more busy) there is no item insurance so death means your loot and items drop on your corspe other than one item that you can bless. in siege think as your house as the depo in tibia, the only safe area's avalible,


you tolerance to death i suppose depends if you was playing tibia nonpvp, normal or enforced?


i started uo in 2003 used to play both game but have since finally dropped my 2 prem accounts this year. its a good choice moving across, and infact i havent really invested much time in tibia since 2009 although kept the accounts.



all other shards like atlantic have two facets, felucca and trammel, felucca is a kill anywhere and an exact copy of trammel but on normal shard you still have item insurance even in felucca, so in essence you kill someone, not much drops to the ground, in trammel you are safe from player killers,


ive found on the normal shards is the felucca is mostly empty as when people are given the option for a "safe" version then most people prefer that. this is all personal preference, i like to reside in fel ruleset,


i also like siege as you can only have one character so you need to rely on other players to survive which increases player to player interaction.



but if your looking for the most populated shard, then for sure that is atlantic,


i also play europa from time to time, but the item insurance and lack of risk has driven me away.




ive finally let my prem in tibia lapse as the game has changed too much for me, but that a personal preference


[edit] if you do visit SP, im Dupavoxe there too. i can hook you up with whatever you need;), also there is a guild called NEW2 that is setup to educate and help new players to the server, you can only be a part of them for 30 days, then your out in the wild. just ask in general chat and you will be pointed to them.

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