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The town of Blackwell.

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Hey guys.


Some of you might remember me, some might not, used to play a lot on Europa (13 odd years) and probably like you I missed uo after a small hiatus whilst at university/working full time. Now however I gotten some time to do a bit of role-play again after work and I joined Europa only to see it was literally a ghost town, however just as I thought oh well, back to guild wars 2 or something similar I was contacted on facebook by some guys I added back 7 years ago from UO telling me about Blackwell town.


It’s your usual free shard but with a lot of difference, it is just as restrictive as the old rules of roleplay, it is set pre aos, it’s all based around 1 village and the setting is about 80 years after that of when most of us roleplayed on Europa (Or still are!) If you want to know more just look at the forum The Midnight Watch or the newly created wiki http://wiki.midnight-watch.com, has a lot of background and information and general feel for what it is we are doing.


I have now been playing there for a couple of months, where there has been a lot of testing, trying out different things and a very small amount of people have been playing and trying out the concept. Imagine your usual roleplay but set in a basically post-apocalyptic world where the dead roam the night and day, other towns have been swarmed with hordes of the dead and all the news you hear from the outside is from the lucky few scouts who return or travelling merchants. All of this occurring whilst you roleplay your character in whatever fashion you fancy as always. Basically with the constant threat of my character dying either to undead or other factions within the village I have loved it, it brings the danger + deep roleplay I missed from Europa which I could not find in any other game.


Anyhow, enough rambling, we have now opened up and looking for more people to join, we are around 30 active people now (Mostly ex boc/grd/vtc/Vesper folk) We are looking for people who perhaps are looking to get back into roleplay, or want to try something new. I do understand all the hardcore Europa fanatics out there (Free shard, euw, grrr, death to the traitors) And I am not seeking at all to take away from Europa’s current group but if like me, you were just going through the forums looking at old posts or reminiscing about roleplaying this might be the place for you, or not, but luckily you can find out for free.


We do check every person who joins understands the rules, so before considering joining have a look at the forum and understand the setting, what kind of character you want to play then contact me on icq 239938642 or steam Islamicjew1. I am not one of the people in charge mind you so after speaking to me I will pass you onto one of the bigger boys and they will continue speaking to you and they have the final say on who joins and who don’t. Don’t let this discourage you if you are completely new to roleplay and think this is some kind of elitist group, new people are always welcome and we are happy to show you the ropes.


Hopefully see you in Blackwell!

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I have only played in this shard for a couple weeks time, and was very unsure about it. But already a couple of hours into playing there I felt something I haven't felt on Europa for years. Everything has a value, there is true risk and reward. The atmosphere is deep. I recommend it warmly.


Ive roleplayed for countless years in BoC, Grd, -V-, Orc and others. I can honestly say this shard would cater for most playstyles and roleplayers.

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