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It's clear to see the divide between the people over Thatcher's death. Sure, she made some changes that helped the people of Britain a lot. But as someone born and raised in Liverpool, I can't see past the cruel and heartless decisions she made as the leader of our country. Brushing the truth behind the biggest controversy to hit football and Liverpool for many years just under the carpet without any real justification is something that still disgusts me and my family. I won't be partying in the street to celebrate her death, nor do I wish her to rot in Hell. I'm not as spiteful as she might of been, I just don't care - like she did about us.


She must of had some sort of vendetta against us northerners from the off.


I'm not a labour, I'm not a conservative, nor liberal or BNP. Our countries leadership method has always embarrassed and disgusted me, they're like a group of school children in parliament jeering and yelling abuse across the room at one another. I need to stop now before I spill into a full-blown "what's wrong with our country" rant :P

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