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Hello all,


I have been in contact with Winfield about SOTA. As a pledge, i've been speaking with Richard Garriott about PaxLair. He is very interested in building a PaxLair in SOTA.


I have backed this idea and would like to start helping Winfield. Speaking to the community leader, we need to get them an idea of the numbers of pledgers involved with PaxLair.


Please ICQ me at 70507976. We need your forum/website names at the SOTA site. They can check if you pledged from there and that would show our support. I pledged to help in the development of SOTA and would like to start getting input from the PaxLair community to pass onto the SOTA development team. You can also send me messages on here as well.


I'll try to make it to the meetings on Tuesday night as well and get more involved. I've been away from UO the past few years but feel SOTA is a great opportunity to get involved again.


Anyway, get back to me or post here. Either way, I just wanted to let everyone know that Garriott very much aware of PaxLair and he continues to ask for our support and input.


Thanks, Gunga Din

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I see Gunga and Ashlynn following the discussions and learning a lot about Shroud of the Avatar (SotA), so thanks! I know others have pledged to be in the Alpha and Beta too. We will continue to discuss SotA at the end of our PaxLair meetings each week on Tuesdays too.


Our goal is to always be in UO as our primary location for PaxLair and then also be involved in SotA development and game play. SotA could create a PaxLair location where we can build a town. That would be wonderful and a great experiment. We've built towns before that have lasted for ages, so we know how to work together.


Whether you have pledged any money to Kickstarter or not, we can share ideas about a partial online/offline Ultima-type experience (i.e., SotA) including ideas for content and storyline.

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They hit the 2 mil mark this morning. That opens up support for Player run towns. Winfield and I have pledged high enough to get in on dev chats so we will try to get as much information as possible in the coming months and pass that on to here.


I sadly will not be keeping my UO acct open after this month. I have too many obligations,however, I'll try to make some PaxLair meetings and keep active on here.


Either way, I'm willing to help establish a PaxLair in SotA and try to create a Roleplaying Hub of some sort.



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Greetings citizens of PaxLair.

I visited your fair city a looong time ago from the Napa shard, doubt any of your remember me - but you've all made a huge impression on this celt.


As soon as I heard of SotA I jumped on board - and am THRILLED that PaxLair citizens are keen on being there as well! I would love to join up with some of you there (or beforehand).


If any of you somehow venture to the Napa shard of Sosaria, you can find my home near the Yew abbey. Its the only place in Yew with vendors there anymore... *sigh*


Mair saor!


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Greetings Kirthag. I saw your post on SotA forums too. Yes, let's work together. I'd like to visit Napa again. Maybe we can set that up in the next week or two. Join us on Tuesday nights on Chessy too for our weekly meeting.



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I am dreading the sync. I've heard KS syncs are not the smoothest of transitions. :(


And thank you Winfield. :) Nanoc did drop me some mail on Napa with another invite. Alas! Of ALL the nights of the week, Tuesdays are impossible for me! See, I fall into a stupor and somehow while in that state every Tuesday evening, I delve into this thing call ecommerce and do a whole lot of bookkeeping and advertising and such other what not in something called a portal but it looks like no other portal I've ever seen and it is not the best working of portals - yes, it is broken! Instead of a doorway, it is a universe full of 1s and 0s with something called "BAD JAVA JUJU" that quite honestly is more like a nightmare sometimes! This happens EVERY Tuesday night so the wares offered therein are kept up to date and promoted on a weekly basis... and no, I cannot stop this from occurring. I wish I could... really.


I haven't visited Chessy in what seems like lifetimes - but will see what I can muster, although Tuesdays are not going to happen for me I will find another night! I hail from the a tiny rock in the middle of the Western Seas - so that does make it difficult to begin with.


BAH! I'll make it so - sometime soon!



Ahh... insofar as SotA - am getting more and more excited - more so than I have in years over anything (even the things I am normally passionate about). I'm just a bit confuzzeled over a few things, but I'm sure once we get into Beta, a lot of my questions will be answered. :)



Mair saor!


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Kirthag, you can also try visiting us on Friday nights (well, evenings in the EST). Usually a good sized group will be on for hunts and shard auctions on Fridays.


As to SOTA, I am curious to see how online works (probably our preferred option, as we seem to be the MMO type!), and also how character building works. Although they are still in the idea gathering stages of design, what I have read makes it sound like freedom in builds (like UO), and maybe no caps on total skill points (like Skyrim)? This would avoid the need for character slots and such.


Personally, without knowing very much, I feel like my initial efforts are going to be in the gathering/crafting aspects of the game. I wouldn't mind being a useful smith/tailor to the community! I will have to find the city that offers a smith shop close to a bank, probably!


(Winfield - I sent you a PM with some information so please let me know if you receive that.)

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