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Welcome! best advice I have for you when it comes to taming is to stick with it! It can be a long path but is also very rewarding. Here is the guide I used for training when I had a tamer. One thing I have found helpful to myself and others is to rename the animal before releasing it, this tells you and others that it has been tamed already. As you tame your animal lore will go up, mine went up a lot faster than taming did.


30 - 45: cows and sheep

45 - 60: Hinds and Timber wolves

60 - 75: Walrus and polar bears

75 - 85: snow lepards and panthers

85 - 100: great harts and white wolves.

100 - 120: ridgebacks and bulls. There is a pen on North Jhelom island that spawns bulls as fast as you can tame them and get rid of them.

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Hey Caderyn,


I am a Bard/Tamer and while I am not what I would call an expert, I will gladly offer any advice and help you out in any way. Probably the first thing I can offer is that I have a legendary Imbuer and will gladly make you some good taming jewlery, between a ring and bracelet...I can very inexpensively give you +26 Taming +26 Animal Lore and +26 Vet....with 36% Lower Regeant Cost, I can also make you some Bard Jewelry too........ That way you can at least tame some polar bears or such and do a little hunting.


I do agree with Maedhros that you have to stick with the taming, I also believe if you can go do some low level hunting, learn the ropes of fighting with a tamer and most importantly, have fun with the tamer....it doesn't get old and boring !!!!



Here is Shatain's Template....

Skill Real Modified with Jewelry


Magery 60 97

Taming 84 120

Animal Lore 81 110

Vet 120 120

Music 120 120

Discord 120 120

Provo 120 120


That is a total of 705 real skill points, that is my cap for now. This is a pretty powerful template I think.....Once I get the creature discorded (a 28% reduction is all stats) which weakens the creature greatly...my Greater Dragon just tears it to shreds and with provocation I can get the creatures fighting each other and my GD is free to whoop some arse...HAHAHAHAHA.


Please feel free to contact me in game and I will gladly help you with whatever I can.



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