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A guild crate at my house - "Needful Things of Nidaros"

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Hail guildmates,


I have started a crate at my house that I want the guild to have access too. I would like to friend all guildmates to my house so they can use this crate. I am going to keep it stocked with useful items like orange petals (poison resistance), enhanced bandages (+10 healing or vet), recall scrolls, mark scrolls, bags of sending and powder to recharge the bags. Basically anything I think guildmates might see as useful.


So if you see me online, please let me know so I can get you friended. Also, if you think of anything else that you would like to see in the guild crate, let me know.



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Anyone can put items into the crate....and make requests for useful items. Things like someone who mines finding GM Tinker shovels useful. I can have my GM Tinker whip some up...and other tools. Of course said miner probably should donate ingots to be used to make tools they are looking for....


I figure if everyone donates and takes items from the crate, the entire guild will find it a great resource......

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Dropped of some more petals, and some grapes, apples, and smoke bombs for those that need them. I also made 4 half filled rune books to give to new members, I kept a master copy so let me know if more is need or if new runes should be added.

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