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I think we upset the tsuki wolves . . .

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Tsuki wolves are no fun. Okay, yeah, they are unless they form a loose pack in combination with bake kitsune, a ninja, and some disappearing woman named Joan or Joanne or something like that although I can't be sure because I was too busy trying not to die. But to get to the point of this thread, tsuki wolves can be a blast with a guild mate who just happens to be a bard.


Yep, Shaitain and I headed out to play with the wolves near the PaxLair Tea House. It started out slow, but pretty soon we were swamped or swarmed or whatever it is that happens with tsuki wolves. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, it became a guild event and the money went into our guild bank. Thanks to two donations and some effort beating down some wolves, we now have almost 300,000 gp in our guild bank! Think of the damage we can begin to do with that!


Yep, I'm pretty sure that we upset the tsuki wolves.

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