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Update of the vendor list at RAA shop

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Please find hereafter an updated list of vendors, from left to right :


1st row : Miruna's goodies - PS / Arties

Ixandrielle - Ps & SOA

Lien's Fashion - Dyes

Oxy's finest - PS


Flamel's flasks - Potions

Miruna's ingred. - Imbuing ingredients

Marina's Pies - Kitchen & garden

Lady Lach's regs - Reagents


2nd row : Aster plants - N/A

Aster petals - N/A

Aster potions - N/A

Lady Lach's rew - Bod rewards


Lady Lach's usef - Ressources

Gilgames'h jewels- Imbued jewels

Mooly's craft deco-Deco & add ons

Miruna's solen - Solen goods


3rd row : Maya's music - Musical instruments

Miss France - Slayer spellbooks

Perry's books - Scribe stuff, binders, scrolls, magery books

Merlin's gold skul - Gold skulls


Merch. of TerMur - LRC suits

Merch. of TerMur - imbued weapons

Mooly's furniture - SE, ML, SA furnitures

Lien's crates - wooden containers & golem kits


4th row : Marina's fish - Sea treasures

Lien's weapons - weapons & bone machettes

Grumphor's - Harpsichord rolls

Calleighs scribble - Marked runebooks, spellbooks and scrolls


Molly's house dec - Deco

Mooly's carp - House add-ons

Molly's furniture - wooden furnitures

Lien's rock - stone furnitures


I ll try to update that list after every changes. If you ever think or wish of another type of vendor, just lemme know.

Thanks a lot,



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