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Greetings, old friends...

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I had some free time recently between semesters of studying and decided to see how the old crew was doing. I have been busy working on a culinary arts degree and sadly have had no time for extracurriculars. For those of you who remember me, I was also Micah and Braddock James of TORM, Jonah S'fedrian of UP, Jieret S'fedrian, and MacKenzie James of PGoH. Sadly, I have not found any traces of my older guildmates in KoI (kingdom of inethria), but i'm sure there are still some of them out there somewhere! :) Glad to see GRI is still a force for good on Cats. Cheers, and take care!

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Well, it certainly has been a while.


I hope all of you are doing well.


A while back, there was probably a sizable IDOC that contained pretty much all of my soulstones and years of work.


I've pretty much given up on UO, unless I get a pretty good reason to start playing again.


At the very least, I hope someone is enjoying or was able to use all of the rares and items that fell with my houses.


...or at least, some of them. I kept the really nice stuff in my banks. :shhh:


Regardless, those of you still around- keep enjoying the game; hopefully the memory of my guild and characters will live on.


Kind Regards,


"Target"; Ex-UO/MMO player.


It was a fun 15 years... but you guys may see me elsewhere. :dance:

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