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Sally Buttons Passed Away

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I am in deep shock. It seems that the player of Sally Buttons has passed away after illness. I cant get on to the Facebook page/site. Can someone who has access there PM me how to get in?


This is a deep loss to me. Sally's player was a very good friend of mine. I didn't know she was ill. I am very shocked.


She was a truly lovely person who I met in real life a few times. She was one of the best.


I will miss you deeply M122 8u77in2



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Although I didn't know her too well, like most people I had heard lots about her both IG and not, and how she had made a huge impact on a lot of people within the community.


This is shocking, and going by people's reaction it's totally out from the blue.


I give my sincere condolences. I'll cherish my Sally Button's tailored attire that little bit more so now.

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This is very sad news. I met Julia (Sally Buttons) at my first UO Meet in London. She had only joined the RP scene on Europa very recently, and we both felt a little overwhelmed at the time. From thereon grew a wonderful joint game and role-play, and ever since then I can not imagine Trinsic without Sally Buttons.


My heartfelt wishes go out to her family and friends.

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