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Ultima Gallery Christmas Art Contest! Win a signed Virtue Card!!

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With less than a week until Submissions start I hope everyone has had their art hats on! Remember you could win a Virtue card signed by the original artist! What is your favourite virtue? Check out what card you might choose here


Below is a guide on how to submit your artwork from the 16th! Good luck everyone I cannot wait!


How to Submit

Submissions will be accepted from November 16th until Midnight UK time December 3rd.

They will be displayed on Ultima Gallery within a few days of submission ending with no names attached.

You can upload your artwork via Ultima Gallery by going to this link Upload Images. You do not have to be registered to upload. When you upload please press the “Set Photo Properties” link to add in the author Name of the picture and a description. In the author section add a name and an email address so that you can be notified if you are a winner. When images are published there will be No Author or Email attached!


Submission Guide

Here is a guide in images on how to submit your artwork.


First go to the bottom of the side bar and find the "Upload Button"



This will take you to the image upload screen. There are 2 up loaders these are Flash up loader and the browser up loader.

Flash Up loader



Browser Up loader



Once you are there you can upload your picture before you do please click on the "Set Photo Properties"

This will give you additional fields to fill out please include the details I have shown. Please not your Name & Email address WILL NOT

be included on the public viewing for the artwork this is simply so that when winner is chosen you can be be contacted and announced.


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