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Please welcome Tancred RedStar II

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Please help me welcome the newest, future UO player, Kepler aka Tancred RedStar II, lolz




We named him after the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, who is known primarily for figuring out planetary motion, but also laying the foundation for Newton and finishing up for Tycho Brahe, but he also shares the name with the NASA space telescope that looks for exoplanets as well as Invidia's Kepler chip line, the world's currently fastest GPU(I'm sure he will get a kick out of that in 20 years when they're museum pieces, lol). What's really funny is I've always been an ATI/AMD guy all these years.


His due date was the day of the UO 15th anniv party, which I would surely have attended as I've met up with PaxLair and other Chesapeake friends before, but he managed to lounge about before deciding to be born last Wednesday after 20 hours of labor, at 7 lb, 4oz.


Can't wait for the day to bring him to Britain bank to open his account with 1,000 gold :)


Kepler and mom are doing fine after an unexpected c-section, and she now calls him Pirahna at feeding time, lol

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Thanks for all the well-wishes, we're doing the best we can at being new parents and it's def very hard but we're making it!


Even though he was full term he was a bit difficult the first few days. Mom had gotten some viral infection just a few days earlier(late Saturday/early Sunday) and had spent most of the day puking her guts out. We went to the hospital where they diagnosed it as a viral infection after some labwork. She was pumped full of several different IV's and we were discharged. When Kepler was born 4 days later, he was still a bit dehydrated and was not peeing enough. On the day we were to be discharged, they said if he didn't pee in the next 2 hours they were going to keep us another day and stick him in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Fortunately, he peed and they let us go home, but he was still having problems producing enough urine.


The next day, we were still behind on our peeing schedule(they give you a chart to mark off when he pee's, poops and feeds). We were literally on the verge of having to take him back to the hospital if he didn't pee in the next 6 hours. I checked his diaper one last time to see if it was wet at the end of the 6 hours. Sadly, it was dry but a little poopy so we went to change it. We were very upset, we were scared something could be really wrong with him. My wife held his legs(this was when diaper changing was still a 2-person operation, we've now learned to do it solo) while I pulled out the diaper. Suddenly, a giant fountain of pee erupted, all over both of us, the wall, the changing pad, everything! He peed everywhere! We were suddenly so overcome with relief, despite being peed on, that we broke into a mixture of tears and laughing. Within the next day, he got up to speed on the chart and is now where he needs to be and is feeding like mad!

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Hahahaha. That will happen many times as you change diapers. Pro-tip, cover his weewee up with a wipe or towel. It helps prevent that from happening in the future :P


Glad to hear he's doing well now. My son was 6 weeks premie, but weighed 8lbs 8 ounces and was in NICU for 2 weeks. It's always stressful. But now he's fine (well, depends if you call 13 and a teen fine).

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