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When Krashag eventually managed to free himself from the cave in, the world had changed again. A quick visit to the massive orc tunnels in the Snake Mountains turned into a very long and arduous affair of calculated killings, feasting on limited kinsmen flesh, and endless digging. The sight at the Severed Heads Fort was even more bewildering – instead of returning to his beloved clan, which Krashag dreamed to find dominant and flourishing, he came back to… nothing. The outposts, the buildings and even the clansmen themselves were gone.


A few days later, Krashag was already dragging back one kidnapped female civilian after another. Hell, he’d repopulate the entire clan himself if he had to! One thing was for sure: the scared, trembling lil’wun, painting offensive graffiti on Stonekeep’s outer walls was gone; Krashag was all grown up and ready to slaughter.


The first major attempt at glory with a fellow Severed Heads survivor didn’t go exactly to plan. The orcish blades were old and dull, and the plate armored man, while slow, simply couldn’t be touched. Both breeders-to-be got away. Krashag almost found himself stomped to death. But the ransom was saved due to Xug’Klerg’s quick thinking. Perhaps with it the Severed Heads could make a new start – there’s always a profiteer who’ll sell even to the orcs. And then the Bloodgod would be pleased.



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