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Guide: From Unknown to Venerated loyalty rating with 2m & couple of minutes

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  • 2m gold (alternatively, 100k ingots)
  • pack horse (optional)



Buy 100k iron ingots (type doesn't matter, so go with iron) with your 2m gold, either from the npcs or from player vendors. Donate them to the city trade ministers. You can use a pack horse and donate 15k ingots at once.



Interesting Facts:

  • You need 20 hours straight to become Venerated if you only arrest rioters and help protestors.
  • 20 hours means 20 days for an average player.
  • If you already have 100k iron ingots, it takes less than a minute (you can donate 20k ingots at once).
  • 200 ingots (any type) = arresting 1 rioter = helping 4 protestors
  • helping 4 protestors = 4,000 gold
  • 200 ingots = 2,000 – 4,000 gold (npcs or player vendors)
  • If you find cheap 60k iron ingots comm. deed from player vendors, buy it.
  • You can only get clothing by donating 100k iron ingots to the Britain library. Even the "Friends of the Library Reading Lantern" requires 200k iron ingots.
  • If you are a scripter, you probably have enough ingots to make all players on your shard achieve Venerated rating.


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