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UOForums 10 Year Anniversary - September 24th

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UOForums 10 Year Anniversary!

Due to some unfortunate mishaps this didn't get announced yesterday, but on September 24th 2012, UOForums is 10 Years old! As one of the oldest and largest Ultima Online communities, we want to mark this occasion with events, Community Corner and a contest running until October 30th 2012!

UOForums was launched September 24th 2002 by Adam and was taken over by EOGamer in December 2010. It is the home of discussions, trades and guilds of Ultima Online for players across the globe, from America, to Europa to Japan. UOForums has over the years extended its reach by adding UO Guilds and a Youtube channel.

UO Guilds - UO Guilds adds a central place to find guilds of your shard and learn about them. A guild can be listed by filling out the form on the site with the details. If you don't have one already, then you can apply for a free guild forum on uoforums.com.

Ultima Online - YouTube - UOForums/EOGamer youtube channel for Ultima Online. This is also the home of an excellent "Let's Play Ultima Online" by Baruk.

10 Year Anniversary Grand Event!

UOForums staffers will be touring Ultima Online shards all through this event. We will be visiting American, European and Japanese shards. Announcement of schedule will be made the 26th September. At these events we will be passing out gift pouches filled with very valuable loot and perhaps even unique things. Though the exact content will be a surprise. ;) So make sure you join us at these events where you will also have a chance to meet the dedicated team of UOForums.

All tours will take place in the Skara Brae Counselor Hall.

10 Year Anniversary Grand Contest!

From September 24th to October 30th UOForums 10 Year Anniversary Grand Contest will be running and at the end we will be drawing prizes to active community members. If you're an active community member, then we'll add your activity since July 1st 2012. From the 24th September to 30th October posting on UOForums and subscribing to our youtube channel will increase your chances of winning. This contest will include physical prizes as well as Ultima Online prizes, including a prize of 12 months of game time for Ultima Online and a grand prize of a 512 Gb Solid State Disk (Solid-state drive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) . Complete list of prizes will be announced on October 5th. This contest is open to legal residences of America, Canada, European countries and Japan, excluding countries where physical prizes are illegal or otherwise cannot be freely given. Prize includes delivery/shipping costs to these countries.

Contest is not open to UOForums staffers, anyone who has been staff within 2012, EA Employees or their families/boyfriend/girlfriend/pets. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash. If you're banned for any reason during this contest, your forfeit your chance at winning any prizes. (this is non-negotiable)

Community Corner

Kicking off from our Anniversary, we will be running bi-weekly interviews with community leaders. This includes prominent staff and members of community sites and prominent guilds. We will be announcing the first 4 interviews by October 1st 2012. If you know someone who fits this bill and hasn't been announced yet, feel free to suggest it either on the forums or in a private message to Lord Chaos on UOForums.


From the UOForums staff, we'd like to thank everyone for helping make this one of the best UO communities on the web.

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