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Costumer support at it's best

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I had an experience i thought i would share.


My friend Stephen acquired a lantern from a recent "Let's make a deal" event, But the lantern did not have spellchanneling as it was suppose to, And he was unable to be online the time messana fixed the others.


So he entrusted me with his lantern as a new week started in hopes there would be a meet and greet where it could be fixed, There did not.


I called a GM in the vague hope he could fix it, I did not have great expectations to him actually doing it.


Then the unusual sequence of events happened.


WITHIN 15 MINUTES a very friendly GM opened a chat with me, And asked questions of its origin to be able to verify the origin and it was indeed suppose to have this. While we were waiting for "Anwers from above" he kindly asked if there was anything else he could be of assistance with while we waited. To which i declined, i just wanted to get the lantern fixed for my friend.


about 5-10 minutes later, Messana herself popped up where we were standing (As usual at the west britain bank) and asked if she forgot a lantern. To which i confirmed, And explained the situation. The Friendly GM also showed himself, who appered to be a GM in training.


Messana fixed the lantern and we had a little chat with messana and the GM before the GM headed off to other calls, And messana headed off to do her thing.


So finally the issue was resolved with a GM call within 30 minutes of placing the call involving the producer of UO.




Messana did tell us they value their (uo) players highly, to which this process can only verify.


My experience with support in the past have been mixed feelings, But this was one for the calender! I only hope they keep this up!



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Its one thing to get a GM fix your item without deleting it or sending you a canned response, which is customer support at its best at that point already, it is whole another thing to see the producer of the game taking her time to fix the item for you and have a nice little chat at the same time.


This is not a unique encounter by the way, I've heard about similar stories numerous times since Mesanna became the producer, so much that I hope players don't request her to fix minor things in an effort to compensate for the customer support.

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Well until there's a messana hotline in the help menu, that wont happen :)


My praise was also towards the gm, who actually took his time to ask questions about it rather than just send a message that they don't do that.


As i said, i did not expect her to show up, in fact i didn't expect anything.


I can see the potential problem with a producer running around doing GM work though instead of doing what her title implies. But in a game as limited as uo "player wise" i can only see positive things with developers getting involved with the players. Even if it steals a bit development time. Afterall, The players is the foundation for existance. (That said, is has potential for overdoing it)

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Excellent story! I have a similar one on pacific. My friend has played UO since closed beta and has two grandfathered accounts. Well as he has grown up playing UO and is now an attorney in Florida he has very little time left to play. But he keeps his accounts open and logs in every now and again to say hello. Well in the hecticness of his real life he missed, yes missed the new account billing questions. Paying a year at a time this is feasible. Well I went to one of his houses where I store all my fishing goodies and noticed it was in a state of decay. I immediately texted my friend and was like "your house is decaying"! He texted me back "I'm in a trial"! So a few hours later he actually called me back and we started to sort out the problem. Well he fixed the billing issue and called a GM. The GM gave him the canned response and my friend was like "no no that won't do, let me speak to a customer service manager that specializes in Ultima Online". Well he did and got some good news. Should be fixed within 24 hours! Even with the grandfathered status! Well 24 hours later the house was still decaying and I told my friend email Mesanna! She will help she's awesome! And my friend, one of the brighest people I know, and talented, said "if I lose my houses, I will quit". But he emailed her, explained the situation, and guess what? All of his houses are owned by Mesanna until she can return ownership to him! She came and helped! So no matter what people say about Mesanna and UO, the fact is she cares about her game and her people!

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