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Im still here, just not online much this week.

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Since somebody has expressed some concern i figured i would make a post. I am still around just not on my computer alot at all this week.


Basically i went to the dentist to get a decaying tooth out, they x rayed it and found that it had bent roots so they did not feel comfortable doing the surgery, so they refered me to the specialists at my local hospital.


I went into the hospital for a consultation and met the head of department there who said it was a peice of piss, would take him 20 minutes to remove and he can't understand why the dentist couldnt do it herself.


I went in yesterday for what was meant to apparently be the most simple operation in the world. I ended up on the table for 1 and a half hours as they ran into complications which involved them having to stick drills and all sorts of machinary into my mouth to get this tooth out. They have managed to cut my gums open which i've had to have 7 stitches to close the wounds, they cut my lip open with a scalpal and then at the end of the nightmare the woman who did it all never returned, instead a man comes in and announces to me that they have removed the wrong tooth, and have actually removed my biggest molar which is the main tooth you use for chewing, so i can no longer eat in one side of my mouth for the forseeable future.

They then threw the tooth in a contaminated bin which if they didnt do they would of been able to put it back in and bolted it in and allowed it to heal itself over time. And to top it all off the decaying tooth is still in there which they couldnt remove yesterday after all this happened.


So i haven't been on as im sure you've all had a tooth ache before, its not very nice and one of the worst pains you can have. So im in pretty bad shape and can't concentrate on much at the moment, im also very drowsy off of the strong painkillers i'm taking to get by. Luckily i booked this week off work, but seems i wont be getting much of what i wanted to get done sorted now, instead i'm sitting on the sofa watching easy to watch films and drifting in and out of sleep whilst feeling ill due to not eating much as its too painful.


I will be on Thursday as we have an event to do then, but i'm also going back into hospital that day to have a meeting with the head of department which im sure lawsuits will be talked about and hopefully the outcome will be good so i wont be in a worse mood than i already am.

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the dentist would of probably done it all fine.


I think they always send their patients to hospitals when there is a good chance of a complication as a result of the surgery. I had a wisdom tooth with "star shaped" roots, and my dentist said that it might cause some serious problems during the operation and directed me to the dental surgery dept. of an hospital. It took about 30 minutes for the dentist to remove the tooth, and at one point I thought he was going to remove my jaw all-together, also having an audience of freshman dental students, called by their tutor, looking shocked, amazed, surprised, disgusted etc. and making "whoa" noises during the operation didn't help at all. It was truly a terrible day of my life, so I can't even imagine what you have been through.


I hope you get well soon.

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Yeah i'm not having a good time at the moment and have not been on the computer, the one night i go for the first time in ages to blow off some steam was last thursday and i end up loosing my glasses, phone and 300 pound plus my car which took me 5 hours to find the next day. I think i had my drink spiked as i cant remember anything and i've had some pretty crazy nights out but i've never blacked out before, always remember everything. But just got alot of shit going on in life at moment and been too depressed to face playing my computer. Think i'm having my mid life crisis early

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