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First of all go hurry and read Nimuaq's (!) wonderful overview here ==> Despise - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia


... now that you know the most important stuff, I'll try to list what I found out - either by myself or by reading through various posts on stratics ...


I was a bit troubled by the 'complicated' karma alignment 'story' in the beginning and I try to explain.


Nimuaq lists creatures with their alignment AFTER somebody (a player)

got possession of them and after they got through the first three or four levels of training! So if you go to Despise, you'll see most of the creatures 'aligned' just the 'other way round'! Evil is good and vice versa - Ha! How's that for the beginning?!



Now that I have easily confused everybody including myself, I'll try to list some specials from various beasts!

  • Evil => good spellcaster: Naba - looks like an ophidian apprentice mage, zealot, shaman or justiciar (forgive me but I find the graphics of this creature in the classic client simply adorable - I'm in love with the Naba's not just because of the graphics but also because they get wicked ... I mean WICKED (!) when trained up to level 15! (read 1'000+ mana and skills above 155 - my best one even was above 1'000 hit points)
  • Good => evil spellcaster: forest Nymph - looks like the dryads in the twisted weald or in the blighted grove - guess they get as wicked as the Naba's but haven't seen /experienced it by myself yet
  • Evil => good bard: Phantom - looks like a lady in the snow. Can discord enemies. A creature bard should be with every group - speeds up the fall of the boss greatly!
  • Good => evil bard: Silenii - creature looks like the satyrs from the weald or the grove (see above)
  • Evil => good archer: Skeletrex - skeletal knight graphics
  • Good => evil archer: Sagittarri - centaur graphics
  • Evil => good armor ignore: Darkmane - creature that looks like a nightmare or a dreadmare - seems to be great as a tanking pet
  • Evil => good Hellion: special(s) - crushing blow - (old) gargoyle graphics
  • Evil => good Birling blades: special(s) - lightning strike (bushido) - blade spirits' graphics
  • Evil => good Prometheoid: graphics from the hatred 'gore fiends' - creature seems to heal extremely fast, perhaps also you as it's master and perhaps also the boss when you would go down there - creature is possibly bugged for the moment - have read rumours about that in a stratics thread - I won't try that beast by myself for the moment

All except Naba and Forest Nymph's are non spellcasters!


More to follow ... (hopefully anytime soon)

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got three arty drops yet: fencing war fork, quiver and gargoyle talons by doing about 7 or 8 'runs'.


On one run in, my fully trained Naba got teleported into a location where it was stuck (!) and couldn't move away - so I went alone towards the boss and his wisp - on that occasion I was there with Jarnsaxa, my stealth ninja. Took care about the wisp(s) in cat form.


Keeping the wisp(s) busy seems to speedup the downfall of the boss greatly. Players cannot damage the boss directly but one can damage the wisps. As soon as one wisp gets killed it takes the boss a while to summon a new one. During that time, he seems to be noticeably weaker.


Some players even reported they got an arty drop by killing one of the wisps. I haven't made that experience by myself yet.


I went there with Reginleif the tamer and with Jarnsaxa the ninja for the good side and with Gefion the necro mage for the evil side so far. Reginleif got killed once because I chatted to much so the wisp could kill her. Gefion got killed once by her own Naba when she had mistargeted a spell, that should have hit the wisp. The Naba made Gefion (out of protection for faster heals) a quick and brutal death!


Attached are skills and stats of some of the Nabas (all trained to level 15), that Reginleif had used so far - simply wicked !




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They changed the requirement to conscript a creature, I'm not sure but it might be level 5 now, so I sadly can no longer conscript a creature at level 1, train it in the final level to a decent level and get artifacts. Once again, we lost a perfect system that supported lazy people.

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You still can go down rather quick with a level 4 or 5 - just tried with a birling blade. Then you train it up down on the boss level and you can then even take the beast back up to the level of your karma alignment. If you only do it quickly enough - release the beast and immediately take it back, it gets teleported back up with you!

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