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What is your characters names?

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Have to many characters to list all the names.. ;)

Mostly I get my names from movies... That's how creative I am! ;)


To name a few:

Stephen - My main chars, I have a few of them! ;) (The Irish guy from Braveheart)

Selene Lestat - Sammy.. Selene from Underworld & Lestat from Interview With a Vampire

Exmortis - Nox Necro.. From the Evil Dead movies (Exmortis Necronomicon, The Book of the Dead)

Connor MacManus - Disco Archer.. Boondock Saints

Murphy MacManus - Peace Fencer.. Also Boondock Saints

Martigan - Archer Tamer.. Madmartigan from Willow

Snake Plissken - Focused Mage.. Escape From New York

Zapp Brannigan - Disco Weaver.. Futurama! ;)

Brisco County Jr - Samurai Archer.. TV Show with the same name..

Yellowbeard - My fisher pirate.. Movie of the same name :P



And many more.. ;)

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Farsight (all shards) - Not quite Farseer

Aneirin (all shards) - Picked a random name out of a book

Kelten Klompen(Europa) - Same book, Kelten is a random name (literally translated, the Celts, not a name, technically). Klompen are wooden shoes

Lotte Klompen (Europa) - she came before Kelten (and was replaced by him), orcish/Dutch humor...

Dedigan - Dead again, an inside joke from the T2A beta.

Path (Napa, then others) - A thief from the RP town of Virtue - "Thou hast strayed from the Path of Virtue"

Col Tam (Europa) - Matlock spelled backward, sounded kind of gargish.

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Fat-D:First char on my own account, high school nickname, I was fat and my name is Dean


Midnight Rider: Allman Brothers were playing when I was at the char name screen. Dark clothed mage


Thailog: Picked from a wiki page about mythological gargoyles


Sheldon Cooper: Big Bang Theory


Benjamin:Sounded like a good Miner/Smith. Primary crafter now


George Bush: My Scribe.... people running around with spellbooks crafted by the most idiotic president in my lifetime sounded funny to me


Lochness Monsta: South Park reference, Skill training mule**


Tax: Stealth archer, stealing kill shots, my tax on the world


Riley: first born child, 120 SW*** plus skill storage*


Lily: second born child, 120 SW*** plus skill storage*


Stuart: When I let my brother use my account this was his char, skill storage*


Fletch: First used to train bowcraft/fletching**


Raider- Tmap char, use your imagination


*I have chars to store skills so I don`t need 50 soulstones

**now used as a skill training mule, not training so he has 0 skill points. This method is great for GSG

*** Having weavers on every account makes getting a skilled circle easy



AAA,BBB,CCC,DDD,EEE,FFF- previously used to for farming faction points and currently used to collect seasonal gifts, em events, etc. This account holds an 18x18 for storage on my home shard and has A,B,C,D,E,F chars on multiple shards


Lars Ulrich- I used to run around saying [video=youtube;kj_8E3FOU4s]



I have many more....most not worth mentioning

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I love UO, but I have to keep my character names private.


this is a bit of fun.. you don't have to answer if you don't want to...


My characters are all usually named after characters from books written by Raymond E Feist

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Stephen - My main chars, I have a few of them! ;) (The Irish guy from Braveheart)


And the best character in the film!


My characters:


Fargo - Can't remember why, it was a long time ago. Nothing to do with the film or bank of the same name.


Aster - Short and easy to type.


Orson - As above.


Parker - The driver from Thunderbirds, also a manufacturer of fine pens.


Drake Preston - As in "Sir Francis" and the small English town.

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My chars:


Maarek Stele - From the TIE Fighter game Manual (Stele's Chronicles)

Baruk Strayler - Self invented name, has a nice ring to it (also my own alias on much I do online) (Can be found on any shard I play)

Harry Biggins - Same as Baruk's

Kyle Morgan - Taken from Starwars again, derived from Kyle Katarn and his father Morgan. (Couldn't really be buggered to invent a new name at the time)

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Kahlan - main character from Terry Goodkind Series

Rouge - lol first character EVER in uo and I mispelled her name!

Lisha Rebel - after a dear friend of mine Mulishaboy

Willow - fisher cook named for lady who gave me/Pepsi her castle when she quit

Akasha - legendary crafter, my fiance named from Queen of the Vampires

dsNchanted - scribe mage and auctioneer, word play old online moniker

Renegade - old school pally for pvm, named after my guild R3


Will name some more later. I like this thread! Fun topic op!

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My main Character is Maedhros, I chose that name because he was my favorite from the Silmarilion. He is the usual pally, though he is now dabbleing in spell weaving.


My mage is Calkano, I think I made that name up, it was so long ago I can not remember.


N'ton from the Pern books is my sneaky guy


Nidaros is my crafter, named after the player town on Chessy for player event item purposes.


And I have Tree Slayer, my miner.

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Been a long time since I played the "official" UO, but my characters were/are:


Deimos - Tamer/Bard/Mage

Prometheus - Mage/Bard

Atlas - Peace/Archer

Event Horizon - Crafter


(I forget the 5th)

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Event Horizsion best space scarry movie ever! Pandorum a close 2nd.


Been a long time since I played the "official" UO, but my characters were/are:


Deimos - Tamer/Bard/Mage

Prometheus - Mage/Bard

Atlas - Peace/Archer

Event Horizon - Crafter


(I forget the 5th)

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Lake Superior

Guido - legendary crafter - r/l nickname.

Zappa - Legendary bard - inspired by... duh...

Oberon - Mage extraordinaire - Zelazny inspired

Random - human bladespirit - now retired. - Zelazny inspired.



US Steel - legendary Smith - you figure out the inspiration....


other support staff, whom I will rediscover Wednesday...

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I also use Random on several of my characters/ servers


My main on chessy is Sarth Frostclaw

gargy thrower is SarthTalons

crafter is BlacknDecker

tamer is Crittergitter

my fisher is a retired thief named Chaos


My Bower in days of yore was BowStringer He had a shop set up in Ocillo

From a few of my friends after I left the game They would kill people just to get bows with my name on them they had a reputation for being pretty good bows.

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All of my characters have been roleplaying ones more or less.


Gendin the Good - Was the character I entered RP with in 2001 he ended up a Knight Templar

Nathaniel Hawk - Guardsman Militia of Yew. Name taken from here: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070613175022/pirates/images/c/c8/Nathaniel.jpg

Ghilados Trimess - Started out as a roleplaying Centaur, centaurs being from the Greek mythology, I thought Ghilados Trimess sounded greek enough.

Raphael Ne'filim - A gypsy, not sure how I found the name for him. Ended up with the guardsmen

Hiram Barcas - An exotic seafarer. Took the inspiration for the name and character from Phoenician and Berber names. Barcas being Hannibals last name.

Eamon G'hadra - Rebellian of Yew. Needed it to sound a bit Welsh.

Gunnar Volundsson - Norse craftsman. Völund was seen as an icon of smiths, and the chief of elves in norse mythology.

Runald Humphrey - Needed something I personally found to be a good name for a rather rude character.

Sarah Barnes - Yewish girl

Aranthir Rashmid - An half elf half drow adopted into the service of the sultan in Nujel'm

Arathorn - Rippoff LOTR

Gabriel Valenta - Warrior.

Arpad Gyula - A nomad, inspiration taken from names of the Magyar tribe. (Todays hungerians)

Mirsha Dunalath - An meer female.

Gerek Darkheart - Also one of my oldest characters. He took Dark-heart after his adoptive mother Xeno.

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Gilmour - My first ever internet nickname, which was also the name of my first char, "Borrowed" from the ever awesome guitarist and vocalist in Pink Floyd, David Gilmour.


Loony Elahhez - Originally stolen from a Europa alt of same same, unknown of origin, But name stuck and i like the sound of it, Have since used "Elahhez" in various other games. In fact this name is so rare, That is you type "Elahhez" in google, the only results you get are related to me.


Jenny Wrigth - Groupie of Pink Floyd, nuff said.


Veronica Lake - Classic movie star. Love the ring of the name, She was gorgeous besides that.


Jilli - Jill is a play on a female version of "Gil" and in WoW "Jill" was taken.. introducing "Jilli" also a name that has stuck around alot.


What else.. Hmm.. might add more later!

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