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Mana Leech Problem on Samp

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I have 44 percent mana leech

71 mana and 45 HCI


but I can't keep up armor ignore

it says it costs 30 mana but its much more than that now ??

it costs me 28 per hit with 30 LMC and 300 skills in swords/bush/parry

im hitting around 140-150


can someone tell me what i need to change to be able to keep up AI

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Well spamming special moves result in the 2nd one costing double I believe (if within 3 seconds).

If you hit something for 150 dmg at we will say 50 mana leech i think is 30 mana but I don't believe you always leech mana and 30 mana is best case scenario


In your case, your leeched mana point as below;


[given damage] x 0.4 x [Weapon leech%:0~44%] = Leeched Mana

150 x 0.4 x (0~44%) = 0 ~ 26.4 (Avr. 13.2p)


Armor Ignor Mana Cost : Base 30

If your "Real" swords/bush/parry skill total over 300, -10 mana

LMC -30%

So total your Base AI cost is 14 (if within 3 seconds, increase 28 Mana)




Even if it absorbs ideally, with this equipment composition, absorption runs short overwhelmingly.


Probably your weapon are too quick..... Welcome to Long sword World!

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Definitely double, yes.


As for keeping it up, do one (or all) of the following:

1. Get a harder hitting AI weapon. I suspect you're using a broad sword (I use a broad sword for the same results). Perhaps a long sword may work better? Or bladed staff? You'll need more swing speed, but you can make it work.


2. Get that extra 10% LMC. It makes a huge difference.


3. Don't AI every time. In fact, don't AI every other time unless you're in trouble. Since the mana cost is double if you do it again within 3 seconds, then try AI-lighting strike-lightning strike-AI. That's what I do, and it works well enough for my purposes.

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