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The history of the Hand from it's founding to present day.





  • Queen Dawn is found murdered in her chambers along with the killer, whom was her lover
  • Escaflowne and Lord Richard Heath found the Hand of Chaos in the wake of the fall of the Republic of Vesper
  • Escaflowne leads the Hand of Chaos as Chaos Prime
  • Riots and Protest break out all across the lands of Brittiania
  • Citizens of Brittiania call for the election of a Lord Protector
  • Chaos Prime Escaflowne places himself in the Running for Lord Protector
  • After a series of votes and speeches, Chaos Prime Escaflowne comes in a close second to Alaster the Mad



  • Lord Richard Heath and Chaos Prime Escaflowne move from the former Republic and found Ravenhold
  • Castle Blackthorn is razzed and blown away by Koba.
  • Koba is captured and is sentenced to be executed for inciting riots and protest by the Sultan of Nujel'm
  • Koba escapes on the day of execution with the aid Revolutionary forces The Sultan's place is nearly destroyed by a bomb, but is saved by the quick wit of and skillful hands of Lord Heath. The Sultan also goes into hiding on this day.
  • In the midst of uncertainty and wide spread panic over the missing Sultan and Koba being at large, Partisan Visko Bludhaven, Chaos Prime Escaflowne, and Crusader Aidan Duncan found Southshrine, adding another stronghold south of the Capitol City of Britain.
  • Forces of the Hand of Chaos actively begin a search in co-operation with the Royal Investigators to capture Koba and locate the missing Sultan.
  • Lord Blackthorn rises to power and is named King in the wake of recent events.
  • The position of Iron Fist of Chaos is opened to members of Chaos, however no applicants apply.
  • Chaos Prime Escaflowne relinquishes command of The Hand and names Aidan Duncan his successor.
  • Chaos Prime Duncan begins a campaign to strengthen ties with the Vesper Trading Company.


  • Hand of Chaos abandons South Shrine and moves its main forces back into Ravenhold.
  • Recruitment Drive Begins as the need for more members of Chaos rise.
  • Friend of the Hand, rather he wanted to admit it or not, Deacon Van Cocidius passes away in his sleep.
  • An Assassination is attempted on Chaos Prime Duncan by Lauriana, and an arrest warrant is issued with a reward of 500 silver.
  • Lord Duncan sets out on a quest to recover or to find out where Anna Goodward's fiancee, Bryce, is, but is unable to bring him back alive after a five month search.
  • Fugitive Lauriana is captured at the Chaos Sanctum and punishment is carried out.
  • A new alliance is formed with the neighboring Rangers of Skara Brae.
  • Veteran Crusader and former Vesperian Soilder, Paps Chuck is named the first Captain of the Crusaders

Edited by Aidan Duncan
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