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Citizens and Followers of Chaos


Here in the hand of Chaos we aim to accept a wide range of individuals within the guild, not just military personel. We of course own two player towns Ravenhold in the north and Southshrine in the south so naturally we take all sorts of citizen roles! You can roleplay anything you want and be given a title of your choosing. You don't even need to be a citizen of either of these towns, you could be just a follower of chaos with a specific profession who may wish to be part of our brotherhood, we will hear all ideas out.


The highest position of the citizen side of the Hand of Chaos are the Chaos Lords, of which there are currently two, The Lord of Ravenhold and the Lord of Southshrine. These positions hold the same authority and power as the Chaos Prime, whom is the leader of the military. These 3 together form the triumvate that rules over the Hand of Chaos.

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The Hand of Chaos Military


Partisan of Chaos



The Partisans are the recruits of the organisation; those willing to take up arms in defense of people's freedom and serve the principle of chaos. They will need to show dedication to the Hand of Chaos and commitment to it's teachings. Once they have shown this and learnt about Chaos, they will be given a test and fully accepted into the ranks of Chaos; becoming one of the following ranks below.

-Abyssal Tunic and Fancy shirt
-Iron coloured ringmail tunic, normal helmet, plate gloves, chain legs, plate gorget and black boots. Will be imbued with mage armour for stealthers or mages.

Agent of Chaos


The Agents of Chaos are the shadows of Chaos, the stealthers of the Hand. It is their job to seek out tyranny, investigate and gather information. Sometimes when needed it will also be their duty to take out high priority targets.

-Abyssal Surcoat, Fancy Shirt and Cap
- Plain white dyed leather tunic, arms, gloves, leggings and mempo with black boots.
(Photo to Change as it is the old uniform)

Chaos Crusader



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The Chaos Crusaders are the backbone and muscle of the Hand of Chaos; the warriors/archers of the organization. They are the front line of defense against tyranny, dark knights as it were; true protectors of people's freedom.

-Abyssal Surcoat
-Full iron coloured plate suit with plate helm.


Herald of Chaos


The Heralds of Chaos are the magic wielders and preachers of Chaos. They are wise and will have in depth knowledge of all aspects of chaos and the teachings of Blackthorn for they must be able to preach it to others.

-Abyssal Surcoat, Skirt and Fancy Shirt
-Iron coloured ringmail tunic, plate gloves, plate leggings and plate gorget imbued with mage armour along with a circlet.

Ironfist of Chaos


The Ironfist of Chaos is judge, jury and executioner. He is the second in command of the military forces, a powerful and fearsome foe. It is his job to keep the troops in line and lead them when the Prime isn't present. He is also tasked with the role to judge tyrants and criminals, carrying out the executions himself if required. The Ironfist is chosen by the Prime.

-Abyssal Cloak, Sash, Kilt

iron coloured

breastplate, plate legs, arms, gloves, gorget and plain white dyed helm of spirituality for combat.


Chaos Prime


The Chaos Prime is the keeper of Chaos and head of the organization. It is his job to guide the hand throughout the land and make the big decisions for the interests of chaos; such as whether to purge a location of tyranny and virtue.

-Abyssal Tunic or Surcoat, Kilt and Cap
-Iron coloured plate armour.

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The Ravens of Chaos


The Ravens of Chaos are the elite division of the Hand of Chaos that originate from Ravenhold. Only the most deadly fighters and most wise followers of chaos will become a Raven. The openings within the Ravens are very limited, they are the best of the best, the personal guard to the Chaos Lords and the only members of the military permitted to ride black steeds. Their commander the High Raven's power and authority rivals that of the Ironfist, they answer only to the Prime and the Lords.

Chaos Raven


The Chaos Raven is the elite position of the Hand of Chaos. Only one Herald, one Agent and one Crusader may rise to become a Raven. They must embark on a quest and pass a series of tough challeges and tests in order to do this; in which they will be rewarded with their new rank and a black horse at the end of it.

- Abyssal surcoat and clothing of their previous class
- Crimson red armour of their previous Class

Chaos High Raven


The High Raven is the leader of the Ravens and on par with the rank of the Ironfist. It is his job to run the Raven Division and lead them into battle. He must keep the Ravens in shape and keep them trained to be an elite fighting unit and bodyguards of the Lords.

- Raven uniform of his class but with a Crimson red cloak to signify his leadership.

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