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Another Damage Inc question

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I have been trying to filter through the search results about damage inc and what makes me hit my cap but I am getting conflicting arguments.


This is in regard to my sampire mainly.

I read the uoguides page on damage calc and was wondering how my damage adds up.


basically if i calculate my damage from tactics and anatomy and str I am coming up with 164.75 DI now if i add in a single slayer that boost me up to 364.75 str. does this mean i do not need any damage inc from jewels and weapon? if i run a super slayer i will only need 40 damage inc to reach my 300% correct?


In pvp if i run 120 tact and anat and 125 str i come up with 188.75 DI so does this mean i am overdoing it? both character run with an additional 100 DI from jewels and armor.


I just cant see hitting the max DI being so easy just with skills i feel like i am missing something big.


Thanks for the help as always.

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