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Shame Flame Elementals

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Do they have some sort of special area attack? Every time I fight one with my pets, I get obliterated in seconds when I try to heal them. I know my resists aren't good, but I can't fix that at the moment. I'm kind of frustrated because my pets do so well against them, but somehow I start taking massive damage halfway through the fight. I'd really like to explore level 3 Shame, but this is a brick wall for me. Anybody know about this attack?

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it has a fire breath attack like dragons and drakes and the like. you can hear it coming by like a dragon roar type sound. its possible to run out of range before the attack is actually made. the damage of the fire breath diminishes with the percent of life that the monster has. for example, when at 50% of a monsters HPs, it will only do 50% of its normal fire breath damage.


the third level monster is not so bad itself. the problem is the spawn around it. you have to lure it to an open spot to fight it. which isnt easy most of the time as its a pretty enclosed dungeon to begin with.

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