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Europa Role-Playing community "Active days":

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I know many see me as just a hater of UO in several other threads. It's not the case, I still find that this game has no other game that can compete to it in ways of being roleplaying friendly. However, I believe that the lack of roleplayers made the game uninteresting for me.


I kept dividing in my head why exactly I stopped playing. And what it would require for me personally to return to the game. Then it came to me, "organisation of the RP community".


Its not really that there's a lack of roleplayers, there's few yes, but there's not a lack. Its just that people log in at different times, expects other people to be online, and gets depressed when viewing the offline guild lists and logs out again. Or at least I know this was my case (and a few others) when I stopped playing.


I reckon this is the result of a period when people logged in and expecting there to be activity each day. Something that guilds mainly aimed for too. Back then such things worked, as there was players that actually were active each day for it. Nowdays its not the same, many players that are still left playing are probably not playing each day. Or even logged in each day. And the people that have stopped playing (like myself) didn't find it worth it to log in to an empty guild list, or cities without roleplayers around the world.


I know that I might not be the right person to suggest this. But wouldn't it be good if the community organized itself in order to become more intensly active on certain days? Where players can expect to find another roleplayer in another town, or plan events between eachother, or with all guilds during these "active days".


I believe many of the people that recently went inactive did so for same reasons as myself. However, if the community could manage to organise itself to at least 2 active days a week, I reckon at least I would pay those few quids to start playing again. I'm not saying that guilds/players should be completely inactive the other days. But it would be nice with some "official days" for the Roleplaying community. It would also be easier for newer players to find us during those days.


Of course I won't stand by the sidewalk and look on. If enough people think this is a viable idea, and add your input in how to improve such an idea I will most definately add my 2 cents to make it work and reactivate my account :) I just want to return to a community that's somewhat cooperative about activity.


So yeah, whats your thoughts?

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With the current playwer base as low as it is, perhaps such a thing might be just what we need.

I found some interesting chores to do now in UO, outside of RP. (simply because my RP chars just can not be seen doing the things I do with my mage.


Setting 2 nights a week for RP could be viable, it leaves 5 days a week for other things to do.

The only real problem I see, those blasted EM events.

I know many do like those events, and that is fine of course, but if for instacve RP set their days to Thursday and Sunday evenings, I am bound to see the EM's planning their event on Sundays, which will draw RP folk away from our own activities as we can not give out +5 stat scrolls of certain names..dhehehe


But to spend some dedicated days on RP, might actually bring interest back.

Another thing, I guess there should be interguild activities, maybe even bring back political differences between states. (and have battles again)

Peaceful interguild dealings are fun, but I doubt Yew and Vesper can actually live in peace, so combat must occur between them.

PvP (under RP ruleset of course) can also bring interest back to the realms.


And if PvP is not possible every time, we might have to hunt a PvM location often, keeping the interest high on that part.


On occasion a market or feast of sorts, perhaps something for all involved parties to join in on as an after battle feast.

this should increase RP community "bonding", perhaps an evaluation of the battle from both sides.

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Oh look, it's this thread again.


Since my most recent of returns, I found the most fun to be had was actually at those EM events, and they can turn out to be fun - if you go with the intention of having fun with it.


I don't like the idea of having certain days to do !!!! on, I mean, the previous idea was to always have something happening between the hours of 7PM - 10PM without fail. And !!!!, I would be more than happy to slap something on between those hours every single day of the week, but because I've been out of the game for a while, I have no idea who's about and who has the authority to make !!!! happen. Man, I say !!!! a lot.


What I feel the community needs is a universal calendar where all guilds can post to. That way everybody knows what's happening and where.


Also, and this one's pretty bold and you'll probably all think it's a !!!! idea, but how about promoting the idea of players having characters in different guilds. If we spread things out like that then I think it would benefit guild-specific events. For example, GrD have some training event, an event not open to Vesperian characters, so like, you're looking at a below average turnout. But if we say, put yourself a character into GrD, then it allows people to join in with those events, role play, and have a more impressive turnout?


Yeah, terrible idea.

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I quite like the concept of RP specific days, but also the idea of an RP calender, which would be very useful indeed.


I'm in the same boat as Baruk. I find myself doing a lot of things beside RP, perhaps because I am too lazy to track down other RP'ers or perhaps because there are so few about. I don't know.

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One of the current problems in the Europa RP community is the current restrictions of rules which is made for a much LARGER RP community, I cancelled my accounts just because I no longer felt I could RP with my characters, should I even continue to follow this "GM armor" rule.. Nah, I just could not do it with the lack of players and thus, I left... BoC for example, the guild I am in, I want it to revive, really, I do, but it's current setup is made for a much larger guild and unless one of the guildmaster did something about it, I feel it will never revive.. We need to loosen up on the restrictions that were made for all out warfare, seriously, I think these days are at an end and should have been a very long time ago..


One of the other problems I believe we face is that it is just spread too damn thin for such a small player base, we have players throughout Trinsic, Vesper, Cove and Yew still just trying to do what they can, I commend those who are still out there making an attempt at it, but truth be told, it's spread too thin and the player base needs to come together into a smaller area where all guilds can come and go, place houses, etc.. And don't cringe when I say this, someone needs to form a RP alliance on Europa to even better increase activity, with a smaller player base, we would need to be able to communicate easier..


I agree with the idea of having shard-wide RP events, tavern nights for example, there could be a night where a random tavern would be picked on the shard that all the roleplayers or non-roleplayers alike could meet up at, events could be held, etc.. Someone could host their tavern if they own one, would happen once a week.. We could also do cross-shard RP events where we have an RP event with another shard..


Catskills is about as dead as Europa RP wise, but they still have a small community that gets together and does stuff, same goes with Chesapeake.. But really, we should not be so anal about who RPs as what or where, if someone wants to own a tavern or start their own guild, I am for it, they could join an alliance that the shard would have, at this point especially, it needs to be encouraged but the fact of the matter is, there is no more need to be in character all the time and there is no more need to be strict and take RP as seriously as we have in the past, it just cannot happen, the days of RP-PVP are gone..

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I have been thinking of coming back to UO recently, cant really say any other game held me captive as it has in the past.


The idea of RP specific days is appealing, due to full time work and all that jazz my time is not like it used to be 5-6 years ago, meaning 16 hours days of roleplaying and event creating...


Seems interesting!

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Oh yes.

Well I tried to assemble some sort public calendar to list reoccuring RP events so people get some overview on where and when to find people.

Sadly I found nearby no support from the others.


But hey, maybe it would be an idea to pick up on that idea again. Stuff can be found in the All-GM board.

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