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1-8 Vet Rewards and items that dont spawn

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I have 3 Vet Rewards years 1 thru 8 for 10 mil each.



I also have some items that I dont think spawn anymore they stopped around 2003 I think.



Necklace- Agility charges 10, Dexterity Bonus 10

Earrings-Agility charges 15, Dexterity Bonus 10

Bracelet- Agility charges 15

Boots-Agility charges 15, Dexterity Bonus 10

Leather Sleeves-Agility charges 36, Dexterity Bonus 10

Wodden Shield- Agility charges 31, Dexterity Bonus 10

Cloak- Agility charges 3, Dexterity Bonus 10

Tribal Mask- Agility charges 6, Dexterity Bonus 10

Plate Helm- Agility charges 7, Dexterity Bonus 10



Earrings- Spell reflection charges 95

Necklace-Spell reflection charges 60



Ring- Bless charges 90

Strength Bonus 10

Dexterity Bonus 10

Intelligence Bonus 10



The items are stackable if I remember correctly, but the charges burn off rather rapidly and they cannot be recharged.

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