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On the off chance anybody reads this....


I've been away many years... more than 5 less than 10..not sure how long exactly. I have some old holiday gifts on my characters on this server but don't play it. The gifts are the holiday gift boxes...each has a plant, deed, snowflake and snowman etc...no idea which year I got them. Anyway... I have a box on 5 characters and would like the same or something of same value item wise on my server of Catskills.


P.S. In addition to those gifts I have Holiday deeds you can turn in for snow globe, other globe, holiday tree, holiday time piece, statue etc. I am not sure how many of these I have as I logged onto a character in t2a and can't recall how to get out. I might have 1-4 of them. If there is interest I will gladly check.

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