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I m glad to welcome within our family Yasraena Tlabbar who joined us a week ago.

He will run a scribe vendor at the shop for cities and dungeons runebooks.

His vendor is located oast row to the left of entrance.


Please welcome warmly our new member :)


Congrats to you Yasraena and hope we will work and and full all together !!



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Welcome to RAA Yasraena! Our guild was stared long ago and was all about the shop and to run vendors, cooperate and help eachother to make a well stocked shop whth a wide range of wares, thats how Lord Ulysses put it.


We have most of our non crafters in an alliance so so we meet and discuss

things and hunt with our members of RAAM, SRG and MIR.


See you soon!

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being aware that Royal Arms and Armor is a very old guild with rich history i feel mostly honored and i hope i can do as expected.


i am grateful to the guild you for your warm welcome, and i will be more than happy to help in any way i can.


apologies in advance for any gramatical mistakes, as my use of language is below average, also feel free to correct me or ask me to explain myself whenever you are in doubt of what i mean.


see you in britania

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Hiya laddies... and lassies... Thank ya master Ragus fer yer warm welcome, but for yer knowledge its Thorgyt and not scorbut that I answer to...

I'm glad te join the RAA family in this nice day; I'm but an humbler crafter, but I like te do me work worth the sweat I put in it, and in any ways I can help the guild and its members, I will as far as I can

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