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Here you will find the latest vendor list, updated as new vendors become available and also for vendors to place a description of there goods and services!


(Updated: 02/09/12)


Marinas Fishing - Sea Treasures

Lien's Weapons - Weaps & Machettes

The Dark Elf - Runebooks & Spellbooks

Mayas Music - Musical Instruments

Miss France - Super Slayer Books

Perry's Books - Scrolls And Books

Merlins Gold Skulls -

Aster's Plants - Plants Of All Types

Aster's Petals - Petals & Thorns

Aster's Potions - Potions

Lady Lach's Rewards - BOD's rewards

Miruna's Goodies

Ixandrielle - PS, SOA, SOT

Dyes - Natural Dyes

Mimis Temptations - RAA High End

Mollys House Deco - RAA Deco

Mollys Carp Deeds - House Add-Ons

Mollys Furniture - Wooden Furniture

Stone Goods - Furnitures

Merchant of Ter Mur - Ter Mur Museum (Imbued Suits)

Mollys Furniture - SE ML SA Furniture

Lien's Crates - Wooden Containers

Sherwin - Resources

Gilgame'sh Jewels - Imbued Jewels

Mollys Crafted Deco - Crafted Deco/Add Ons

Miruna's Solen Goods

Lok's Suits - Balanced Armour Suits

Miruna's Ingredients

Repair Deeds

Lady Lach's Regs - Regs


Runes - Shop Runes (Now situated at the door)

Repairs - Repair Deeds (Also situated at the door)

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New vendors added!
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My Vendor: Aster's Petals, Petals & Thorns.


As the title suggests, I sell grown resources; Orange Petals, Green Thorns, Red Leaves, Cocoa Pulp and Vanilla!


Now also selling Sacks of Sugar!


All resources are from organic, hand grown plants, no raised beds are used in the natural production of my petals!


I also supply Seeds of Renewal, a handy by-product of plant growing, and the plants themselves are available at reasonable rates.


Spring Sale now on!

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Thought it may be intersting to give further details on my vendor's offers :


Ixandrielle : 120 ps - SoA - SoT - working hard to keep the offer wide enough

Dyes : collection of natural dyes in the main colors - for specific demands just ask

Lien's Crafting : crafting SoA, SoT and PS - receipes - tallyes

Perry's books : Scribe with most used scrolls, various spellbooks, binders, etc...

Lien's weapons : mainly bone machette atm - trying to figure out imbued weaps

Stone Goods : stone furnitures in every colors

Lien's crates : wooden crates and chests - colored baskets

Lien's runes : as it says...

Gilgame'sh jewels : mix of basic imbued jewels and high level jewels (vary according to the ressources gathering luck i may have)


That s all for my family,


Obviously we can deal for any kind of order. To pass one just use the keyboard at left entrance or contact me through icq 294 707 795.

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Here are the vendors of the Foxglove family:


Marina selling most fishing related items.

Maya is the instrument maker.

Molly have four carpenter vendors, trying to cover all the carpenter items Lien or Maya dont do: Add ons,

old style and newer expansion furniture and crafted deco, wich is tinkering carp glassblowing and some stonecraft as well.

Im thinking of adding a high end vendor atleast for a while but I have a bunch of vendors at the New Player House keeping me busy too.. I have a very low resist skill when it comes to start new vendors..

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I was wondering seen as I dont see any GM armor vendors at the RAA shop if I could set up a vendor or two if you let me of one for balance suits and pieces of metal armor and the same for leather armor.


Lok Shadowhand,

Ancient Crafter of TSB

Piegon at 358-664-448

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I m glad to welcome Lak Shadowhand from TSB (the Silent Blades guild) who is running a vendor for RP stuff... iron and leather armor balanced sets...

Please welcome him. :)


Other vendor is run by Mimi, (Mimi's temptations is the name of the vendor) and she s selling high end stuff (arties, forged pardons, etc...)


We ll soon need to move the wall to create more vendor spots !!!


Thanks again to all dedicated ppl who are making the shop one of the top ones !!



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Aster now has two vendors. One, Aster's Plants, will be selling only plants as of today. The second Aster's Petals, will continue to sell Orange Petals, Green Thorns, Red Leaves and Seeds of Renewal... but more resources will be coming soon, so watch this space.

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I havent been very active lately due to real issues... I d like to tell you about the changes we have had in the shop lately :


it seems we have lost (dunno the reasons tbh) Ellinor. She was running potions vendor, bod rewards and Cook...


Fargo kindly offered us to take care about potions and set a new vendor for those..


I have put more bod rewards on my crafting goodies vendor to cope with demand...


We still have an "open" slot for a cook vendor if anyone is interested just lemme know...


Many thanks in advance,

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