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How have ya'll been? I've been good..

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I wanna.. I still wanna X-fer all my characters back to Europa, but first I require a keep on Pacific in order to fly back over and it is very difficult due to the fact that house decay is turned off... >:(


Besides that, been waiting it out, playing a TON of Skyrim, working out, my I am in perfect health at the moment, job is going well, had a great Christmas and New Year, got myself nice new Long Bow with Bracers and a Quiver, also got to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra, they rock.. I currently live in a storage shed irl.. We turned it into a guest house.. =)


Also, my sis is pregnant! I am gonna be an uncle..

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I haven't played Skyrim Van, probaly wont get it either. Still need to play Witcher 2 and Dragon Age 2 lol. have too many games to play at moment.


In other news though i pre ordered The Old Republic, but instead of downloading for early access i thought i'd just wait for the CD as i was rebuilding my computer anyway so was pointless to download at the time. 20 Gig download would take a while too.

I thought the cd would come on 20th of December as that was its release date. So yesterday i was thinking why the hell hasnt it come yet so decided to chase it up.


Turns out i brought it from Origin store which is all electronic and there wasn't a CD coming, you download all games brought through origin apparently rofl. Sitting here for 3 weeks waiting for a CD to play the game when turns out i have to do the 20 gig download after all.

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Real question is "Is UO even worth thinking about?"


I've been thinking about it a bit lately mostly due to lack of school work due to Christmas break, but it's not enough to make me come back with no guaranteed action. What I really should be doing is looking for a masters program.

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Same. Between playing a !!!! load of games I've accumulated but yet to play, as well as spending some time on TOR and of course doing some of the work they give me at University, I have no time for UO.


To be honest, I haven't missed the game at all. I have however missed roleplaying Van.

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