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Looking for a fun established guild (Any Shard)

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I'm looking for an active, fun, established PvM/Crafting guild on any shard. I currently play on Atlantic and after making several attempts to find a guild to join I have yet to find one. I've been referred to hang out at different banks and that didn't really do anything.


I'm wanting a guild that is active in the evenings and is a family atmosphere. Pretty much everything I'm not wanting can be found in Atlantic General Chat. (Excessive cursing and arguing).


I like to hunt just about anything and all of my characters are skilled/suited up and ready to go.


I'm willing to transfer all of my characters to any shard as long as its somewhat active. I would prefer to join with a new character and get a feel before I transfer though. I live in central united states but ping well anywhere except asian shards.


If your recruiting and want to chat I use ICQ (I think everyone still uses it?)


My ICQ: 646-410-773


Thanks for reading and hope to hear from someone soon! (Or its off to Diablo I go :( )

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Well on Chesy there is RBG. Its a large guild and there isn't much internal fighting. Vent is normally pretty good until after 10pm EST. Although I am not going to say its always good and after 10 its a MA rating for sure. Alliance chat is tame and its a large active guild. If you would like to know more I should be on tonight and would love to show you around.

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There are a couple of long standing guilds on Sonoma that are ran the way you are seeking ... one is KHV (Knight of Honor & Valor) and another is PAS (Peoples Army of Sonoma). PAS is celebrating their 14th year of guildship and have an event almost every night ... check their website here ... People's Army of Sonoma :: Index - People's Army of Sonoma

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