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We currently have the following featured items on auction at Ultima-Auctions, all starting bids at 1gold coin!.



SS Frag x2

Totem of the Void

Pendant of the Magi

1st Year Tubs - Black, Special and Furnature

Dragon Braizer

Buddy Token

Race Change Token

White Cloth Dye Tub



Totem of the Void

Pendant of the Magi

Race Change token

Stygian Abyss Statuette Token

120 Stealth Powerscroll

White Dye Tub

10000 Magical Residue

Large Bulk Order deed for Valorite Hammer



Lavender Pigment

Ki-Rin Ethereal Mount

1000 Refresh Potions

1000 Enchanted Apples

1000 Strength Potions x2

1000 Greater Cure Potions

1000 Greater Heal Potions

1000 Conflag Potions

1000 Great Agility Potions x2



Race Change token

Sytgian Abyss Statuette Token

Vollem Held in Crystal

Hunter Green Pigment

Golden Skull

Soulstone Fragment Token

Demon Blood (Small)

Reading Glasses of the Arts


Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune


Please take a look and stick a vote in if you see something you like!!



Admin - Ultima Auctions :)

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