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Introduction to Chaos & Chaos Information

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The Hand of Chaos is an elite organization dedicated to spreading the principle of Chaos throughout the lands of Sosaria.


Since the fall of the founder of Chaos, Lord Blackthorn; his teachings fell silent upon the land, his followers slowly vanished and unbalance ensued. Order and the virtues no longer had any counter and were allowed to spread unchecked, enslaving people to their principles. Chaos became associated with evil and destruction in peoples eyes as they were blinded by the virtues being enforced by the Kingdom for control.


It is the job of the Hand of Chaos to enlighten these people once more to the true meaning of chaos and restore balance to the lands!; for Chaos and Order must go hand in hand.

Definition of Chaos - The defense of one's freedom of belief, individuality and difference.
The people must know that they have a choice! They do not have to follow the virtues, they do not have to be sheep, they do not have to be subjected to the tyranny of the Kingdom and order whom utilize the virtues as a form of control.

The Hand of Chaos must defend their freedom, their freedom of choice and their freedom to believe what they want; for our differences and individuality define us.


The Hand of Chaos is not just made up of fighters either, many other followers of Chaos and normal citizens call Ravenhold and Southshrine their home. The Hand of Chaos also has many roots stemming from Vesper and thus will always be willing to aid the city.




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Information on Chaos and Blackthorn's Teachings


Description of Blackthorn




As both the dearest friend and the fiercest opponent of Lord British, Lord Blackthorn was a somewhat controversial figure. Although he would never do anything to directly harm the King, Blackthorn was a known agitator (cf. his book, A political call to Anarchy) and he gained popularity by defending concepts such as individuality and freedom of belief through the creation of his own Virtue of Chaos. In this context, Chaos does not represent the destructive force it is usually associated to.


Blackthorn believed that Lord Bitish's Virtues proposed a frame too strict to properly uphold individuality. He was opposed to the Founding of the Guards of Virtue, and countered his friend and liege by the formation of protectors of the Virtue of Chaos, granting them the same priviledges given to British's Virtue Guards. The two maintained their friendship even after Blackthorn founded the philosophy of Chaos to counter the dominance of Lord British's Virtues. While their followers sometimes slaughtered one another in the streets, British and Blackthorn continued to play chess and debate philosophy.



Lord Blackthorn had also sponsored a series of books on the other intelligent species of Britannia, and had proven himself to be an active defender of their rights. He resided in a small castle north of Britain.



However, when he did not immediately ascend to the throne upon British's first absence, Blackthorn became bitter and resentful. Despite the tolerance and egalitarian sentiments of Chaos, at heart Blackthorn was an aristocrat, and thought, simply by right of noble birth, that he should have the throne until British returned. He succumbed to the temptations of the villain Exodus, and became true evil. He also became a half-human, half-machine monstrosity.


He took up residence in Ilshenar where he built a grand Castle of Chaos. After growing impatient, and following Exodus's apparent death, Blackthorn launched an all-out attack on the City of Yew. During the fight, he was slain by Dawn.




At the memorial service for Blackthorn, Lord British stated that it was Blackthorn's death that caused his (temporary) return to Britannia. And further stated:

"My friend Lord Blackthorn is dead, and I am sorrowful at his passing. He became corrupted by great Evils, and now is no more. Though we were often at odds, the truth of his downfall wears upon my soul."

And also stated that, as a monument to Blackthorn's ideas, he was abandoning his goal of uniting the shards, under the Virtues.



Thus, in death, Blackthorn effectively won the Chaos/Order wars.



On the Diversity of our land - written by Lord Blackthorn


While I deplore the depredations of the misguided and belligerent races with

which we share our fair Britannia, and alongside the populace, do mourn the needless deaths that their raids cause, I cannot countenance the policy of wholesale slaughter of these races that seems to be the habit of our soldierly element.


Can we not regard the ratmen, lizard men, and orcs are fellow intelligent

beings with whom we share a planet? Why must we slay them on sight, rather than attempt to engage them in dialogue?

There is no policy of shooting at wisps when they grace us with their presence (not that an arrow could do much to pierce them!).

To view these creatures as vermin denies their obvious intelligence, and we

cannot underestimate the repercussions that their slaughter may have. If we regard the slaying of fellow humans as a crime, so must we regard the killing of an orc.At the same time, should a lizardman slay a human, should

we not forgive their ignorance and foolishness? Let us not surrender the

high moral ground by descending to bestiality.Now, I say not that we should fail to defend ourselves in case of attack, for even amongst humans

we see war, we see famine, and we see assault (though we owe a debt of gratitude to our Lord British for preserving us from the worst of these!).


However, incursions such as the recent tragedy which cost us the life of Japheth, Guildmaster of Trinsic's Paladins, are folly.I had met Japheth,

and like all paladins, he burned with an inner fire. Yet though I had the

utmost respect for him, none could deny the hatred that flashed in his eyes at the mere mention of orcs. And thus he carried his battle to the orc camps, and died there, unable to rise above his own childhood experiences

depicted in his book, "The Burning of Trinsic." 'Tis a shame that even our

mightiest men fall prey to this ignorance! Are there not legends of orcs adopting human children to raise as their own? Tales of complex societies built underground by races we regard as bestial?


Let us not repeat the mistake of Japheth of the Paladins, and let us

cease to persecute the nonhuman races, before we discover that we are harming ourselves in the process.


A Politic Call to Anarchy - Written by Lord Blackthorn


Let it never be said that I have augh(t) as quarrel with my liege Lord British, for indeed we be of the best of friends, sharing amicable games of chess 'pon winter's night, and talking at length into the wee hours of the issues that affect the realm of Britannia.


Yet true friendship doth not prevent true philosophical disagreement either. While I view with approval my lord's affection for his carefully crafted philosophy of the Eight Virtues, wherein moral behavior is encouraged in the populace, I view with less approval the expenditure of public funds upon the construction of "shrines" to said ideals.



The issue is not on(e) of funds, however, but a disagreement most intellectual over the proper way of humankind in an ethical sense. Surely freedom of decision must be regarded as paramount in any such moral decision? Though none fail to censure the murderer, a subtler question arises when we ask if his behavior would be ethical if he were forced to it.



I say to thee, the reader, quite flatly, that no ethical system shall have sway over me unless it convinceth me, for that freely made choice is to me the sigh that the system has validity.



Whereas the system of "Virtues" that my liege espouses is indeed a compilation of commonly approved virtues, I approve of it. Where it seeks to control the populace and restrict their diversity and their range of behaviors, I quarrel with it. And thus do I issue this politic call to anarchy, whilst humbly begging forgivness of Lord British for my impertinence:



Celebrate thy differences. Take thy actions according to they own lights. Question from what source a law, a rule, a judge, and a virtue may arise. 'Twere possible (though I suggest it not seriously) that a daemon planted the seed of these "Virtues" in my Lord British's mind; 'twere possible that the Shrines were but a plan to destroy this world. Thou canst not know unless thou questioneth, doubteth, and in the end, unless thou relyest upon THYSELF and they judgement. I offer these words as mere philosophical musings for those who seek enlightenment, for 'tis the issue that hath occupied mine interest and that of Lord British for some time now.


A Welcome - Written by Lord Blackthorn


Greetings to you, new member of the Trusted.


You now read these words because you have been deemed worthy to join the ranks of Britannia’s defenders. Some will call you a betrayer of mankind, I say they are misguided. I call you a defender – for Sosaria needs saving from itself.


The forces of order once ruled our world. Like a great darkness over our lives we lived under the oppressive watch of a king who dictated our actions and passed judgement on our character. He suppressed our way of life by deny our freedom and the ability to determine who we are and what we stand for. Even today in the absense of this man we still see the symbol of his tyranny, we watch his personal guards patrol the cities to intimidate us, and we feel his laws like a vice on our lives.


You are here because you choose to be free. Like many Britannians you have felt the oppression of one man’s ideas weighing down upon you like chains. You have felt the embrace of fear, wondering if you face consequence for simply having ideas not in harmony with those forced upon you. You have seen men fight and die for the principles of a zealot and wondered, “Who will fight for my principles should they be opposed?” You tire of living under the shadow of dreams that do not belong to you. And most of all, you have wondered what you can do to live free.


Your journey to freedom begins here.


I, like you, once desired my freedom from the limits placed on me. I watch in disgust as this world became engrossed with the preaching of virtue and none of the practice. I held my convictions in check, fearful of the reaction of men blinded by belief. I force myself to bury the very idealogy that made me an individual. I was fortunate that a being of unique power and unimaginable intelligence saw through to the true person I was, the person I was meant to be. Exodus found within me a man of free will, determination, and imcomprehension for the plight of oppression forced on so many Britannians.


Exodus has also chosen you because of the strength of your character.

Many of the men who were once my peers look upon me and see a betrayer of humanity. They claim my newfound form is unnatural and wrong. Because they see the unknown in me, they show fear. They disapprove of my choice and in their ignorance see evil. Yet I hide my true self no longer from these men. My thoughts and my personal morality have been liberated in the face of the oppression that once consumed me. Where they see a man no longer human, I see a man that has not betrayed his humanity but has been freed from it. This is the power that has been granted to me by Exodus. I have been given my freedom, I have been released from my fears.

Exodus will give you the power to conquer your fears as well.

When your fear of this world is gone, then the world truly belongs to you in a way it never has before. You, trusted one, will soon be given a gift. You body, like mine, will be enlightened and raised to a level no mortal can know. The power to control your own destiny will belong to you for the first time in your life.


You will, at long last, be cleansed of fear.


Together, with the power of Exodus behind us, we shall finally wage war on the oppression that once held us back from our full potential. We shall claim this world, and reshape it in an image of freedom for all of us. Those who once told you who you are and how you should live will no longer be able to stand in the way of your free will. Many say you will be abandoning your humanity, but, in truth, you will be more than human.


You will be freed.



Places of Interest


Castle Blackthorn


Castle Blackthorn is located in North Britain near the stables and mage shop. It is the former home of Lord Blackthorn and still houses a number of Chaos Guards.


Blackthorn's Grave


Lord Blackthorns resting place is located in the Castle Blackthorn courtyard on the Felluca facet. It is rumoured that he was buried with a shard of the gem of immortality.


Blackthorn's Chaos Castle


The Castle of Chaos is located within Ilshenar. It was Blackthorn's headquarters after he succumbed to the evil that was Exodus. It is now infested by Juka and the various clockwork monsters that once served Lord Blackthorn.


Chaos Shrine


Leaning against the side of the Serpent's Spine Mountains near the dungeon of Wind north of Britain, lies the only shrine that does not discriminate between good and evil, the Shrine of Chaos. It was built by Lord Blackthorn to oppose the virtues.


Fallen City of Montor


Montor was probably once a beautiful place, situated as it is on the mountainside overlooking the lake, Termir Flam in Ilshenar. But that was a long time ago, since then the volcano it was built on has erupted and destroyed most of the buildings. Now the only thing that thrives there are monsters, that have been attracted by the massive destructive powers of the volcano.


On the outskirts of the city lies both the Chaos Shrine and Moongate, and high above is what became the bane of the city, the volcano known as the Abyss.


Judging from the shrine left behind it is believed that this city and it's inhabitants were once firm believers of the principle of Chaos before it was destroyed.


Player Literature


Oath of Chaos

(The Oath used to swear new recruits into the Hand of Chaos)


To the ideal of Chaos i pledge my alligence,

The teachings of Blackthorn will guide me,

Until death my oath will bind me.


In the face of oppression i will take up arms,

And purge the world of tyranny with an ironfist,

I will be the shield of liberty and safeguard the freedom of the people until my last breath.


Let Chaos be the beacon of light in the land of darkness that gives me the strength to carry on,

This realm i shall travel as a symbol of choice, to enlighten those minds enslaved.


In mind, body and soul; Chaos be with me always.



Chaos Shall Prevail (Poem)


Following the teachings of Blackthorn,

A great man who tried to bring about a new dawn,

With our efforts, chaos will be reborn,

And we will protect it with an Ironfist,

All we want is to co-exist.


The Kingdom embodies Tyranny,

Lacking the presence of equality,

Enslaving minds with virtuous chivalry,

No one can live like this peacefully,

So we will take a stand against this brutality,

This criminality of denying the people a personality,

Because the land needs the diversity of individuality!


We march fourth with a steel drum,

To bring freedom to the Kingdom,

For it’s people we will defend,

As we combat tyranny to the bitter end.


Across the lands we shall spread the principle of chaos,

The seas we shall sail and mountains we shall cross,

As we embark on our heroic tale,

Chaos shall prevail.



Various Links



UO Stratics - BNN Archives - Lord blackthorn returns

Chaos - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia

ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main

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